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Today’s students face a myriad of challenges like never before. With so much to manage, it's not surprising how many students drop out each year. The challenge is knowing which students are facing which obstacles – and then getting that information into the hands of the people who can help.


PeopleGrove’s “Success Team” Platform helps university leaders bring together disconnected and siloed programs to ensure students continuously progress. With this type of holistic support, you can expect students to set clearer goals, seek the right help at the right time, and improve their academic performance.

Benefits to Student Success and Academic Affairs Leaders

Increase graduation rates

With a highly personalized “Success Team” for every student, student success leaders can expect dramatic increases in student retention and graduation rates.

Better support “High Risk” students

“High Risk” students come in all forms. Rather than treating all students uniformly, PeopleGrove enables universities to narrow-in on personalized interventions.

Smarter Management

You and your staff will receive individual, group, and aggregate real-time data for trend identification, smarter spot decision making, and better management of student success outcomes.

Jen HalpinGeorge Washington University
You guys are amazing - we love your team, your software.

Data Driven Collaboration

“Didn’t I tell my last advisor this information already?”

Create a connected and coordinated success team for every student, enabling collaborative, proactive, and strategic support. Get insights into previous interactions with shareable notes and files, breaking down information silos while still ensuring student privacy. Now, your advisors can have a clear snapshot of each student and how they can be most helpful with their limited time.

Seamless Scheduling

“Scheduling is such a headache. Where can I just find an available time slot and the right advisor?”

Your advisers have limited bandwidth, and time is precious. By leveraging smart scheduling - integrated with your existing Microsoft or Google calendars, you can support more students, whether that be an in-person meeting with a career adviser, a phone call with a financial aid specialist, or a video chat with a disability specialist.

Tailored Success Plans

“What can I do with my major? Am I on the right path?”

PeopleGrove Success Plans allow an advisor to create a trackable, digital, and dynamic success plan for students and their success teams. Then, students and their success team can work together to ensure they are on the right path to achieving their personal, career, and academic goals.

Safe and Supportive Online Communities

“What are the pros and cons of studying abroad?”

Feeling part of a connected and supportive community can greatly increase student engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Give students a safe place to access all of the information, guidance, and wisdom they need to get answers to their questions, voice opinions, get involved on campus, and feel a stronger sense of belonging.

Additional features in PeopleGrove

  • Search and Filterable Success Network
  • Email Marketing
  • Customizable Intake Forms
  • SMS Notifications
  • Private & Public Note-taking
  • Goal-Tracking & Reminders
  • Office Hours/ Group Advising
  • Integration with Oulook, Google Calendar, & other online calendars

We’re dedicated to supporting your Academic Success team.

Real-time Reporting & Insight

Which of my academic support services are most effective? What types of appointments or topics are students most actively seeking? With PeopleGrove’s real-time reporting and automated surveys, you can stay attuned to the needs of your students and gauge which efforts are making the most impact on student success.

Enterprise Level Admin Control

With easy-to-setup, flexible admin access levels, robust data controls, and custom workflows and branding, PeopleGrove will ensure your business needs are supported.

Secure on all Fronts

How do we think about student privacy and data security? It’s at the top of our mind. Our dedicated security team ensures your data is handled and stored safely.

Seamless Integrations

PeopleGrove can work as a stand-alone application or integrate seamlessly with your existing SIS, including PeopleSoft, to bring the right data out of large, complex databases and make advisers more successful with the right data at their fingertips.

Success Stories

Focused on results
Lisa Conley, Associate Director, Graduate Mentoring
Georgia State

The conference was amazing and collaborative. I’m not sure I have ever taken so many notes!

Joe Testani, Assistant Dean & Executive Director

Our alumni were starving for an opportunity to give back to the institution in a way that hadn’t been able to in the past.

Christine Y. Cruzvergara

We want every student and every alum to create a board of advisers.


We partner with some amazing academic success teams.

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