A Vision of the Future for Students

As outlined in our recent e-book, “The Learner First Approach,” the conversation around the value of higher education has gotten louder and louder since the Covid-19 pandemic. So much so that metrics like ROI that were once fringe in the discussion have suddenly become front and center.

Closing the Social Capital Know-How Gap

At the end of 2021, Strada released the results of a survey of over 55,000 students. The survey asked the students to identify which activities they planned on doing or have already done. When looking at the data from first-year students and from those about to graduate, a stark gap emerged.

From Seekers to Sharers And Back Again

It’s a question that many institutions are starting to think more deeply about over the last two years. Some colleges and universities are even sending researchers and interviewers out into the field to ask this to alumni face-to-face.

Formal mentoring becomes foundational at Washington University in St. Louis

Having completed the 2020-2021 academic year and WashU's initial mentorship cycle with PeopleGrove, the team reflected on their collective experience so far. “PeopleGrove offers more opportunities for discussions as a ‘go-to’ resource. It’s an elevated opportunity for networking.” PeopleGrove supports more than 400 mentoring programs with 215,000 participants. Take a peek inside WashU's formal mentoring programs.

Eliminating the Randomness of Social Capital

As student and alumni learners prioritize career readiness and confidence in their education, access to an effective network has taken center stage. It's time to take the randomness out of access to a community that helps BOTH students and alumni find their next step.

University of Miami’s Toppel Career Center joins forces with alumni to provide career guidance to students

students and young alumni alike rely on the Toppel Career Center for career resources and support. Their “Explore, Prepare, Connect” model is intended to “meet students where they are” with a myriad of programs.

Alumni Mentoring Programs

A community focused on Mentored Learning is a differentiator for Higher Education in the learning marketplace. We share reasons why launching an Alumni Mentoring Program is so important and 5 things to think about when getting started.

PeopleGrove and GiveCampus Announce a Partnership to Connect Alumni Value and Engagement to Giving

PeopleGrove and @GiveCampus Announce a Partnership to Connect Alumni Value and Engagement to Giving. New partnership brings together two world-class solutions to help schools leverage the best technology for alumni relations and fundraising.

How Ryerson University upholds its equity, diversity & inclusion values with structured mentorship programs

Now in its 20th year, Ryerson's Tri-Mentoring Program supports Ryerson’s undergrads in all stages of their journey: finding academic success, navigating student life, and working toward career outcomes.

Coffee and Community: What Makes a College Experience

Our summer intern, Seo Young Lee, reflects on the value of her education at Georgetown University. Read her takeaways on how the experience of leading a student-run business and the impact of meaningful mentorship have defined her college experience.

Information Students Need, When They Need It

The need to personalize services in the face of a seemingly infinite variety of needs and aspirations led to a complete rethinking of what career services should be.


PeopleGrove stands beside the Black community. PeopleGrove stands in solidarity with all who oppose systemic racism and injustice.

Campus is more than bricks and mortar: How Yale brings their gathering space online with PeopleGrove

“We envision this as a game-changer for connecting alumni with students and with each other,” said Weili Cheng ’77, executive director of the Yale Alumni Association, which arranged the launch of Cross Campus.

“I Got Accepted and I Have A LOT of Questions”: USD Overcomes Yield Concerns By Leveraging the Authenticity of Student Voices

For colleges and universities, they have lost a main tool in their arsenal to drive yield. In a recent study, 85.1% of schools attributed “considerable importance” to the campus visit in recruiting first-time freshmen.

An Optimistic Look at Maintaining Community in Uncertain Times

While virtual career support, community, and connection do not replace connecting in person, it can enable you to build and maintain relationships with your students and alumni in a way that prioritizes health and safety. PeopleGrove was built for this.

5 Mistakes in Setting Alumni Strategic Priorities — Avoid These Pitfalls Before Investing in Any Alumni Platform

Many universities seek technology to help them provide value and engagement for alumni, but it’s about finding the right platform for your needs — and knowing what red flags and missteps to avoid.

The True Measure of Success: It’s Not Just About Clicks — How to Measure the Value of Alumni Platforms, Connections & Mentorship

The Alumni Association looks at three key metrics for measuring the success of Hoya Gateway: the number of meeting requests (annually and cumulatively), the meeting request response rate (how many requests are responded to), and the acceptance rate (how many alumni are confirming a meeting request).

Soaring Student Debt, Declining Affinity: How Advancement Leaders Are Addressing the Challenges Ahead

Nova Network will be at the center of a new campaign — Nova Network November — which will be a series of 30+ online and on-campus events dedicated to enhancing the professional development of Villanova alumni, graduates and students in the College of Professional Studies.