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Announcing GroveConnect: PeopleGrove App and Integration Marketplace

Our philosophy as a company is to focus on what we do best and integrate with best-in-class solutions for everything […]

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Our philosophy as a company is to focus on what we do best and integrate with best-in-class solutions for everything else. Today’s announcement is a validation of that philosophy.

Announcing GroveConnect

We are pleased to share the release of GroveConnect: Apps and Integrations Marketplace. Like any enterprise-grade platform, we are giving our University Partners the ability to extend the value of their investment in PeopleGrove. GroveConnect is a fast-evolving marketplace of easy-to-enable integrations with other best-in-class, complimentary products that work well with PeopleGrove.

GroveConnect is a core feature in every partner platform as of today. PeopleGrove is the only company in our space that can offer powerful and time-saving integrations such as:

  • Zoom Webinars — Extends the capabilities of the PeopleGrove Events module to include Zoom webinar as an event options
  • Brazen Virtual Events—Introduces the option for partners to to use Brazen’s Speed Networking tools for their virtual networking and mentoring efforts
  • Salesforce Sync—Using our custom API, it’s now simple to keep data sychronized between PeopleGrove and Salesforce CRM in real-time
  • Google Analytics—Allows administrators to send web traffic and pageview data directly to their GA console for reporting across all of their web assets
  • Handshake or Symplicity Jobs—keeps a feed of universities Handshake or Symplicity jobs automatically appearing in the PeopleGrove Job Board
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One-size does not fit all.

Like any modern organization, our partners use multiple technology solutions to accomplish their work. PeopleGrove is one of these solutions. As a company, we operate similarly. This multi-system approach is wonderful; you get the best of everything. However, if the tools are not integrated, it becomes more trouble than it’s worth. 

That’s why each GroveConnect app in the marketplace is pre-vetted and pre-integrated to work with PeopleGrove’s Core Platform and leverage what’s best about other products. When systems work together, it reduces complexity and eliminates what might otherwise become a multi-system nightmare.

We are happy to say that configuring an integration in GroveConnect doesn’t require a computer science degree. It’s something anyone can do. Rather than put the onus on our partner and their IT teams to manage complicated integrations, we’ve done the heavy lifting. We made the process self-serve, simple.

Want to see a demonstration of GroveConnect in action?

New customers:

  • If you’re new to PeopleGrove just click here to tell us a little about yourself to get the conversation started.

Current customers:

  • Current PeopleGrove customers can contact your PeopleGrove Strategic Partner Manager (SPM) for integration options. Or, check out your platform and see for yourself. It’s live on your site today!