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PeopleGrove’s Virtual Advising Solution Could Help with Office Closures

From our inception, PeopleGrove has focused on two things: first, on developing virtual, online solutions which help universities create and […]

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From our inception, PeopleGrove has focused on two things: first, on developing virtual, online solutions which help universities create and leverage the power of their community; and second, on doing so in a spirit of full partnership with our customers. This has been our aspiration and commitment: to be a true, value-adding partner to our friends in higher ed.

And, it’s become our reality. Our partners’ successes are our successes. Their pains are our pains.

So in recent weeks, as we have watched the COVID-19 virus affect our partners’ ability to host in-person and on-campus activities, we have felt saddened by the duress that this situation has put on all involved. Some partners have discontinued classes, and others have closed offices in which students receive 1-on-1 advising, counseling, and tutoring activities.

Meanwhile, over the past year we have been developing a Virtual Advising and Office Hours Solution which might be just what our partners need during this time of crisis. This Advising tool was developed mostly for our online-university partners who needed a fully-functional virtual-advising feature which was more than just an appointment scheduling tool (like those available in Handshake, Symplicity, and the like). PeopleGrove’s Advising tool not only provides universities like Capella with 2-way calendar syncing and multi-advisor note-taking, but also includes built-in video conferencing, video recording, and audio transcription.

And fortunately, it works equally well with campus-based universities.

So as this news has come in it has occurred to us that we can help, by temporarily offering our Advising solution to customers affected by COVID-19, without any contractual obligation. Not only is this something we can offer because the tool solves a real need, it’s something that we feel we must offer in light of our commitment to partnership.

So, effective immediately, PeopleGrove invites interested partner customers to use our Virtual Advising and Office Hours Solution. If you agree that it would be helpful to you, during this Coronavirus state of emergency, we will turn it on in your platform at no cost.

To be transparent, this solution is typically offered as a $5,000/year premium upgrade to our core platform. However, in light of the state of things, we will temporarily disregard that term for the sake of helping you maintain normal operations. Once the storm is past we can talk about contracting with anyone who would like to continue using it, but there will be no need for that today.

We invite you to review this product description and read this case study. If it looks interesting, join us in a demonstrative webinar of ways we would use this solution if we were in your shoes today. And whenever you’re ready, click here to let us know of your interest. We’ll get it configured for you right away.

We’re anxious to be of whatever genuine help we can be during this hard time.