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Empower students to explore career options and access opportunity.


Providing personalized support is hard when there are thousands of students and alumni and only a handful of career services staff members and advisers. Students are often left wondering what they can do with their major or how can they realize their career goals.


PeopleGrove’s Career Success Team platform is used by hundreds of universities - including Stanford, University of Michigan, and Baylor - to scale career support and guidance.


Expand your capacity

You can grow your support capacity by leveraging your extended community and attracting thousands of willing and capable mentors, coaches, and advisors.

Demystify career pathways

Guide students through the career exploration process and connect them with alumni who can open your students’ eyes to opportunity.

Many flavors of mentoring, one platform

Offer organic flash mentoring or structured peer advising with technology that automates the manual work, so you can have a bigger impact with more with students.

Christine Y. CruzvergaraWellesley
The Hive brings this remarkable network of students and alumnae together while celebrating all that makes Wellesley diverse and unique.

Seamless Communication

Am I really going to be asked how many golf balls fit into a Boeing 747?

Empower students and graduates to get quick advice on upcoming interviews and industry expertise. With our automated scheduling and real-time video chat, students can expect the highest response rate anywhere.

Smart Algorithms & Automated Matching

How am I going to pair all of my mentees and mentors by hand?

How am I going to pair all of my mentees and mentors by hand?” Leverage our bulk matching algorithms to set up the perfect pairings, hundreds at a time. From there, use mentorship milestones to guide the pairing and unlock high impact and transformative conversations.

Dynamic Career Communities

Are there alumni entrepreneurs out there? What’s it like to work in Consulting?

Students often have questions like these. Set up career communities so students can leverage the knowledge of your alumni network to get fast and thorough answers from people who have been in their shoes and are working in those industries.

We’re dedicated to supporting your career team.

Real-time Reporting & Insight

“Are my students prepared? What types of mentorship are they seeking?” PeopleGrove’s real-time reporting and automated surveys reveal insights about your community, empowering you to engage with the students and grads who need your help the most.

Focus on Engagement

You’ve got a team behind you committed to setting you up for long term success. We’ve helped clients create smart auto-notifications, spark group conversations, incorporate PeopleGrove into the classroom, and train advisers on-the-ground.

Secure on all Fronts

How do we think about student privacy and data security? It’s at the top of our mind. Our dedicated security team ensures your data is handled and stored safely.

Robust Data Integrations

PeopleGrove integrates with tools you already use to make tracking your work – and getting results – even easier.

Additional features in PeopleGrove

  • Alumni Badges & Gamification
  • Event Management
  • Social Leaderboard
  • Email Marketing
  • Indeed Integration
  • Matching Algorithms
  • Career Coaching & Advising
  • SMS Notifications

Success Stories

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Cheryl Finlay, PhD
Associate Dean of Students, University of Pittsburgh

Your conference is the BEST one I have ever been to. You can quote me on that.

Mark Macdonald
Director of Alumni & Career Services, BYU Hawaii

I really appreciate you guys. From the beginning you have been just the best people to work with. Kudos.

Kevin Grubb
Executive Director, Career Center, Villanova University

I'm very proud of our nearly 10,000 users and more than 1,000 messages sent as the student launch was just over six weeks ago.


We Partner with some amazing leaders in career education.

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