Give students equitable access to opportunity

Provide unparalleled access to personalized career connections, mentoring, community, and self-guided pathways that are proven to improve career readiness and outcomes.

Equip your students for success at scale

One platform delivers value for all your students

Personalized Career Connections

One-on-one, human-to-human conversations anytime, anywhere

Dynamic Career Communities

One-to-many connections, for students to capitalize on the power of your networks

Scalable Career Pathways

Intelligent and personalized turn-by-turn navigation with real-time progress data

University of Rochester

“We have a responsibility to give students and alumni the best technology and the best service to enhance their education and drive their career forward, no matter their current social or economic status.”

Joe Testani, Assistant Dean and Executive Director at the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center at the ‎University of Rochester

Students expect more from their universities.

Give your students the mentorship and connections they need to succeed.

Students are serious about their career.


of US students cite the prospect of a job as a critical factor in their decision to enroll in college

Current services aren’t meeting their needs


of US students stated that they feel confident in their ability to participate in the job market

Existing systems aren’t set up for scale.


ratio of students per professional staff member in their career office

The Mentoring Gap

Parents, students, alumni, and lawmakers expect higher-education institutions to demonstrate a return on investment. Placing students in a job is not enough; we must put our students on track for a lifetime of meaningful career success and with jobs commensurate with their degrees. Mentorship plays a crucial role, and PeopleGrove is here to help you unleash the power of mentoring – at scale.

Case Studies

Equitable access to mentorship and career connections is no longer an optional offering.

Georgetown University

Georgetown students get meaningful career advice from alumni mentors all over the world – at a response rate 10x higher than LinkedIn.


Alumni Response Rate

Univ. of Maryland Global

The UMGC career team is serving thousands more students and alumni without needing to add additional staff.


Students reached

Wellesley College

Alumni don’t always feel supported professionally by their alma mater, but, through the Hive, Wellesley alumnae do.


Satisfaction Rating

Learn from the best – our customers

You don’t have to go it alone. Master community engagement and get the most out of your tools with PeopleGrove’s legendary customer success team and connect with a community of thousands of mission-driven pros just like you at exclusive local summits and our annual conference.

Easy to implement, use, and scale

The PeopleGrove platform comes with powerful features to help any institution improve student success and alumni engagement. It’s designed to grow and scale, so it works for institutions of any size — from Mills College to the University of Michigan.

Works well with others

We get it. You’ve invested time and money in your favorite tools. That’s why PeopleGrove seamlessly integrates with pretty much all of them. We also have APIs to build new integrations on top of our flexible platform.

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