A Vision of the Future for Students

As outlined in our recent e-book, “The Learner First Approach,” the conversation around the value of higher education has gotten louder and louder since the Covid-19 pandemic. So much so that metrics like ROI that were once fringe in the discussion have suddenly become front and center.

Closing the Social Capital Know-How Gap

At the end of 2021, Strada released the results of a survey of over 55,000 students. The survey asked the students to identify which activities they planned on doing or have already done. When looking at the data from first-year students and from those about to graduate, a stark gap emerged.

From Seekers to Sharers And Back Again

It’s a question that many institutions are starting to think more deeply about over the last two years. Some colleges and universities are even sending researchers and interviewers out into the field to ask this to alumni face-to-face.

Coffee and Community: What Makes a College Experience

Our summer intern, Seo Young Lee, reflects on the value of her education at Georgetown University. Read her takeaways on how the experience of leading a student-run business and the impact of meaningful mentorship have defined her college experience.