February Product Update

Discussion Forum Redesign

Users can post to the discussion forum as themselves rather than anonymously. They can also add links and attachments to their posts where previously they were only able to add text. And we've added some design improvements for a cleaner look.

How It Works

  1. As users scroll through the discussion feed, they'll be able to see who's posted what (unless the user has chosen to post anonymously).
  2. Users can search posts from the search box in the upper right.
  3. Users can easily add their own questions to the feed by clicking in the "Ask your question here" box at the top of the question feed.
  4. Users can embed links in their text by clicking the link icon in the upper left.
  5. They can also add attachments by clicking the "Add Attachment" button in the lower right.
  6. Finally, users can choose to post as themselves rather than anonymously. Note that posting anonymously is still the default.

Remind your community about the Discussion Forum

Share this handy infographic with your community to make sure everyone knows how the Discussion Forum works and is comfortable using it. Post on your Resources Page, email to your community, or share on social media.

Highlighted Help Topics

In the interest of making sure initial meetings between mentees and mentors are as focused as possible, we've added badges to help topics that mentors are interested in. This will help mentees to get a better idea of where the mentor’s interests lie and potentially choose a help topic that both are interested in.

How it works

  1. When setting up their account, mentors typically choose some areas they're particularly interested in discussing with potential mentees.
  2. When a mentee requests a meeting with a mentor, they're asked to choose some topics to discuss (we've found this helps give the initial conversation some structure).
  3. Mentees will see small blue badges next to the help topics the mentor has expressed interest in (see image) . Mentees can, of course, still choose any of the other help topics if they prefer.

Calendar Improvements

We've expanded booking options in the calendar – users now have better options to choose from in setting scheduling limits and meeting length.

How change your calendar settings

  1. Open the drop down menu from your account profile button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Scroll down to the Calendar Linked box, and select the green Calendar Settings button.
  4. Use the drop down menus to change your default meeting length and select a minimum scheduling notice.
  5. Click Save Changes in the lower right corner.

Mobile Site Improvements

  • We've optimized our mobile site for easier navigation. Optimizations include page layout and button placement.

That's it for February. Check back in mid-March for our next product update.

January Product Update

Screen Sharing

Students and alumni can now share their screens when using our video chat feature.

How To Share Your Screen

  • Start the video call.
  • Click the "SHARE SCREEN" button on the top of the page.
  • Click "ONE-CLICK INSTALL" to install the plugin enabling screen share (you will only have to do this the first time you share your screen).
  • Your screen will then be shared with the person you're talking with.

Other New Features

Select User Type When Adding New Users

When you're adding a new user or several new users, you can easily select a user type. After selecting a user type, you can use the bulk email tool to invite the user(s) to join the community. 

Filter Users By Profile Picture

Want to make sure all your users have set up their profile pictures? Now you can filter to see all users who haven't yet set up a profile picture. You can access this filter from the Explore Users admin page, but you can also use the filter when you're setting up a bulk email. This means you can easily email all users who haven't set up a profile picture and encourage them to do so.

Improved Event Posting And Registration

Admins can now change the name of the event poster. They can also hide the name of the poster.

We've also improved the external event registration process UI, so users will now find it easier to sign up for external events.

Add Attachments To Bulk Messages

The headline says it all: you can now add attachments when sending bulk messages.

Post Jobs On Behalf Of Another User

Admins can post jobs on behalf of another user. The desired user's name will appear as if they posted the demo.

And admins can also change the name indicating who posted the job by clicking the new "Change Owner" button on the Jobs page.

December Product Update

Welcome to the December Product Update. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions or would like more information.

Profile Sidebar

The more personalized the message a mentee writes to a potential mentor, the better the chance of a positive response. With that in mind, we’ve added a sidebar with additional profile info that users can easily view while composing messages to their mentors.

How to use the Profile Sidebar

  • Find a mentor you’d like to connect with, and click "Let's Connect."
  • Click "Show Profile" in the upper right corner to review the mentor’s profile information in a sidebar as you compose your message.

Edit And Remove Job Posts

Admin Tool

Admins can now edit and remove job posts without logging in as the job poster.

How To Edit / Remove A Job Posting

  • Go to the Jobs Board page.
  • Select either "Delete" or "Edit."

Other New Features

Privacy Settings For Profile

Users can now change the visibility settings for custom fields on their profiles. If a user, for instance, doesn’t want their location to be public, they can lock it so that it’s visible only to them, and not to anyone else viewing their profile.

Users Can View Their Pending Questions

There’s a new “My Posts” tab on the discussion page where users can see all their questions, including those that are pending approval. From this page, users can delete questions pending approval.

External Event Registration

Your community members can register for externally hosted events through PeopleGrove’s platform.

Schedule Automated Community Update Newsletter

Admin Tool

Admins can choose what day the monthly automated community update newsletter goes out with new recommended connections, resources, jobs, events, and discussion questions.

Organize Pinned Resources

Admin Tool

Admins can reorder pinned resources in a program.

Viewable Payment ID in Events

Admin Tool

We now display payment ID on the attendees page, making refunds easier if necessary.

And that's it for December. Check back next year for our next product update.

October Product Update

We’ve added a lot of improvements and fixes to the site over the last few weeks. As always, make sure to tell us if you come across anything that we can improve!

Linking Social Accounts / Refreshing Data

What it does

Users can link their LinkedIn or Facebook accounts at any time after completing the signup process with email or SSO. 
For example, if a user signs up with email or SSO, they can still connect their LinkedIn or Facebook accounts if they later decide to do so. The new user can pull in CURRENT COMPANY from LinkedIn or ALL COMPANIES from Facebook.

How it Works

The user clicks the CONNECT FACEBOOK or CONNECT LINKEDIN button. The program will auto-fill this data and add a link to the user’s LinkedIn profile. 

Mentorship Goals

Goals can now use HTML (i.e. reference article links, bullet points, etc.). This allows both mentees and mentors to more easily access links to resources without leaving the Mentorship Hub.

Job Posting on Behalf of Employers

What it does

Now, UMUC staff can post a job on behalf of an employer and ensure that the employer gets notified of applications through CareerQuest.

How it Works

First, post a job to the job boards page.
If the role is posted on CareerQuest and not linked externally, simply add the employer’s email to make sure they receive applications.

Explore New Users

Admins can use the new filter to easily see who has posted a new job. They can also use it to view active roles.

Job Post Analytics

We’ve fixed a bug that was preventing the New Job Posts chart from displaying properly.