December Product Update

Welcome to the December Product Update. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions or would like more information.

Profile Sidebar

The more personalized the message a mentee writes to a potential mentor, the better the chance of a positive response. With that in mind, we’ve added a sidebar with additional profile info that users can easily view while composing messages to their mentors.

How to use the Profile Sidebar

  • Find a mentor you’d like to connect with, and click "Let's Connect."
  • Click "Show Profile" in the upper right corner to review the mentor’s profile information in a sidebar as you compose your message.

Edit And Remove Job Posts

Admin Tool

Admins can now edit and remove job posts without logging in as the job poster.

How To Edit / Remove A Job Posting

  • Go to the Jobs Board page.
  • Select either "Delete" or "Edit."

Other New Features

Privacy Settings For Profile

Users can now change the visibility settings for custom fields on their profiles. If a user, for instance, doesn’t want their location to be public, they can lock it so that it’s visible only to them, and not to anyone else viewing their profile.

Users Can View Their Pending Questions

There’s a new “My Posts” tab on the discussion page where users can see all their questions, including those that are pending approval. From this page, users can delete questions pending approval.

External Event Registration

Your community members can register for externally hosted events through PeopleGrove’s platform.

Schedule Automated Community Update Newsletter

Admin Tool

Admins can choose what day the monthly automated community update newsletter goes out with new recommended connections, resources, jobs, events, and discussion questions.

Organize Pinned Resources

Admin Tool

Admins can reorder pinned resources in a program.

Viewable Payment ID in Events

Admin Tool

We now display payment ID on the attendees page, making refunds easier if necessary.

And that's it for December. Check back next year for our next product update.