January Product Update

Screen Sharing

Students and alumni can now share their screens when using our video chat feature.

How To Share Your Screen

  • Start the video call.
  • Click the "SHARE SCREEN" button on the top of the page.
  • Click "ONE-CLICK INSTALL" to install the plugin enabling screen share (you will only have to do this the first time you share your screen).
  • Your screen will then be shared with the person you're talking with.

Other New Features

Select User Type When Adding New Users

When you're adding a new user or several new users, you can easily select a user type. After selecting a user type, you can use the bulk email tool to invite the user(s) to join the community. 

Filter Users By Profile Picture

Want to make sure all your users have set up their profile pictures? Now you can filter to see all users who haven't yet set up a profile picture. You can access this filter from the Explore Users admin page, but you can also use the filter when you're setting up a bulk email. This means you can easily email all users who haven't set up a profile picture and encourage them to do so.

Improved Event Posting And Registration

Admins can now change the name of the event poster. They can also hide the name of the poster.

We've also improved the external event registration process UI, so users will now find it easier to sign up for external events.

Add Attachments To Bulk Messages

The headline says it all: you can now add attachments when sending bulk messages.

Post Jobs On Behalf Of Another User

Admins can post jobs on behalf of another user. The desired user's name will appear as if they posted the demo.

And admins can also change the name indicating who posted the job by clicking the new "Change Owner" button on the Jobs page.