Mentorship Meetings Just Got Better in PeopleGrove


One of our main goals and one of the reasons we founded PeopleGrove is to help facilitate fruitful connections between those who seek guidance and those who are in a position to give it. While mentorship can happen over email, we see firsthand how a connection formed during a live conversation is often much deeper, more dynamic, and ultimately more impactful for both parties.

That is why we wanted to make the technical process of having a mentorship meeting on our platform more effortless. Today, we’d like to share two awesome improvements to how our mentors and mentees can set up a meeting:

1. Connect without going anywhere

Conference Bridge Lines makes it easy for users to join a meeting right on our platform from their phone by calling a provided toll-free number. They no longer need to share personal information such as their private phone number in order to have a phone meeting, which makes the PeopleGrove platform a safe place to connect.

Besides privacy, Conference Bridge Lines is designed to be hassle-free to avoid any tech issues that may delay or ruin a video chat meeting. The system can even call the participants to ensure they won’t miss their phone meeting.

2. Avoid double-booking meetings

Bridge Lines - Scheduling Panel - Accept Meeting - Checked@2x

The second new feature we’re adding is Appointment Slots, which helps mentors reserve time on their personal calendar exclusively for PeopleGrove meetings. Having control over their calendar means their PeopleGrove meeting time cannot be accidentally booked by, say, a colleague. This prevents busy mentors and advisors from having a double-booked appointment.

These two new features will help make the way mentors and mentees connect through our platform much smoother, safer, and easier to manage. After all, the last thing technology should do is stand in the way of people connecting.