Extend Your Reach to Fulfill Your Mission

Don’t leave your nonprofit's greatest potential for impact unfulfilled. Unleash the power of an alumni network with PeopleGrove.

Why PeopleGrove

We have the tools and support to build community for your nonprofit organization

Year Round Engagement, Year Round Impact

Your community believes in your mission. And that doesn’t stop once a participant becomes an alumni of your programs. PeopleGrove builds networks that keep your alumni close to your mission and encourages impact at every turn.

Give More Than You Ask

Inevitably, you’re going to turn to your alumni to raise money. Every nonprofit does it. But not every organization focuses on providing continued value. With an alumni network through PeopleGrove, you can offer your alumni that continued and contemporary value that is at the heart of good fundraising efforts.

Build Social Capital Through Connections and Mentoring

Your alumni go on to do amazing things! But no matter how busy they are, they want to pay it forward to the next generation. From simple informational interviews to long-term mentoring programs, PeopleGrove is the only tool that allows your nonprofit to offer multiple ways for alumni to volunteer their time and for your participants to have the opportunity to grow both the strong and weak ties that lead to success.

Bring Your Community Together to Scale Your Impact Measurably, Quickly, and Securely

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