Closing the distance for online learners

PeopleGrove helps online universities provide holistic virtual support and foster a sense of community so that their students persist, graduate, and advance professionally.

Why PeopleGrove

PeopleGrove helps online schools thrive

Improve the student experience

Creating a place for peer mentoring, virtual communities, and real-time live chat with advisors is proven to be a game changer for students. Elevating human connection, especially for distance learners, can increase engagement, create a sense of belonging, and provide the support network necessary to surmount the many challenges that come with a pursuing an online degree while juggling everything else in life.

Give students a competitive edge

Let’s face it – who you know matters – and your students enrolled to advance in their careers. Give your students access to the guidance and coaching necessary to succeed in a competitive job market. With smart Pathways — intelligent, automated turn-by-turn direction – combined with peer and alumni mentorship, we can ensure that students develop the competencies and connections necessary to succeed regardless of the ever-changing demands of employers.

Make every alum feel like part of the community

Your alumni should feel proud of their degree and connected to your institution, especially when they consider upskilling and getting a new credential. Your relationship with alumni shouldn’t stop at degree completion. With PeopleGrove, you can offer alumni a centralized place to engage back with you, including lifelong career advancement, job referrals, and even opportunities to mentor students.


“Creating community for an online university is a challenge, particularly when it comes to advancing professional goals. PeopleGrove enables our students, alumni, employers, career advising specialists, and faculty to connect with each other at scale, something our small team couldn’t accomplish without this platform.”

Francine Blume, Assistant Vice President, Career Development and Adjunct Professor at University of Maryland Global Campus

Easy to implement, use, and scale

PeopleGrove products work right out of the box, with powerful features and functions to help any institution improve student success and alumni engagement. Our platform is designed to grow and scale, so it works for institutions of any size—from Mills College to Michigan.

Make it your own

PeopleGrove is built on our open, flexible platform. With PeopleGrove, you can design personalized and branded user experiences, create custom integrations with our modern developer tools so all your data is connected—wherever it lives.

Put your trust in us

No university wants to worry about their sensitive data ending up in the wrong place. PeopleGrove’s data collection and storage is held to the highest security standard, and ensures that only the right people on your team have access to only the data they need. With role-based permissions and clear guidelines on data ownership (i.e. you own the idea), it’s easy to be sure you’re demonstrating compliance and protecting user privacy.

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