Just Launched: Our Alumni Database Tool is Faster, More Flexible


It’s impossible to engage alumni or fundraise if you don’t know where they live, where they work, or which email address they regularly check. That’s why one of the main tools used by our Alumni Relations and Development office partners has been a database system we call Explore Users.

Our Explore Users tool has always allowed our partners to keep track of and engage with alumni in a smart, efficient and targeted way by:

  1. Providing valuable demographic data
  2. Keeping information up to date
  3. Letting partners know which of the alumni have been engaged, when and how

At PeopleGrove, we pride ourselves on collaborating with our partners to make our products better. That’s why our team has been working tirelessly to launch the new and improved Explore Users.

Here are a few ways our partners are enjoying the enhanced system:

  1. Lightning fast. No one wants a database that’s clunky and slow, especially not alumni offices that are too busy to sit around and wait. The new Explore Users loads lightning fast; our partners notice a significant improvement in speed.
  2. Intuitive. The new Explore Users allows partners to zero in on a specific alum without having to jump around the interface. If searching for specific segments of alumni, such as everyone who lives in Chicago, partners can load preset filters with a click.
  3. Flexible. By quickly manipulating columns and creating saved filters for efficient use later, partners can easily save time building distribution lists for specific segments of alumni for campaigns or events.

We’re over the moon to launch the new Explore Users feature. Whether looking to raise money or better engage with alumni, this powerful, intuitive system gives clean, up-to-date information so that our partners can focus on results.

To learn more about Explore Users and our other platform features, request additional information today.