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Schools Don’t Need an Alumni Directory

At least, not in the traditional sense – because a traditional alumni or business directory doesn't help alumni or students all that much.

Bring alumni data to life

When alumni and business directories are static spreadsheets, it’s too easy for their data to stay static. And outdated lists don’t help alumni businesses in today’s world, where people expect real-time, Google- or Yelp-style results. 

Directories just need to be more helpful. They need to more effectively spotlight the alumni on them, and PeopleGrove believes they need to to be widely useful for alumni and students alike. 

More Than a List of Names

An alumni directory that’s more valuable

With PeopleGrove, universities get a way to securely list all their alumni – and a lot more than that. Directories become just one part of a school’s Career Access Platform™, and alumni profiles become multimedia content. Learners are driven to engage with that content to aid their own career readiness and connections on the university network flourish at the same time. 

Field-level privacy controls what's private, public, and shared only with the community.

Community members can interact securely with each other since private information of alumni is always protected.

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More Than a List of Businesses

An alumni business directory, for people

Schools want to help their alumni advertise alumni businesses. And a peopleGrove alumni business directory does that, showcasing businesses in an easy to navigate way. What it also does is promote the data not just to fellow alumni but to students, faculty, and staff too.

  • Learners. Students and alumni exploring careers benefit from engaging with the career journey of the alumni who own those businesses. Social capital and job connections result.
  • Faculty. Staff see the career paths behind the businesses, getting data on alumni who can give back via guest speaking for mentorship programs.
  • Featured Alumni. They may not only get eyes on their businesses, but they can also broaden their network and advance their career story, too.
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Universities Using PeopleGrove

A smarter platform for higher education

Career Outcomes

Connections go beyond the directory

Students and alumni using PeopleGrove report connecting leads to career access and promotes giving back.


of students agree that connecting with alumni in PeopleGrove opened doors for finding employment.¹


of alumni agree that, because of PeopleGrove, they’re more likely to give back to their university.¹

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A transformational alumni platform

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  1. PeopleGrove's 2021-2022 Benchmarks Report