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Platform / Analytics & Data

Analytics & Data for Measurable Change

PeopleGroves is filled with data – and it’s all at a school’s fingertips, ready to use in so many ways.

Next-level engagement reporting

When schools can see how they’re improving career access throughout their communities, or where they need to improve – their entire learner community benefits. So PeopleGrove helps partners with data that shows the platform is driving outcomes. This includes career readinessstudents obtaining skills, impacts on fundraising and NPS scores. 

Results Happen

Prove it with PeopleGrove

PeopleGrove makes it easy for schools to obtain the data that shows growth and success is happening – and share that success externally.

Data Insights

Gain a holistic view of platform growth and health.

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Report Builder

Analyze career outcomes on a user- or group-level.

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Data Integrations & Exports

Push data across campus or to CRM and giving platforms.

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Data Insights

Measure network growth

PeopleGrove provides trend lines that let admins easily evaluate the health of their university platform – giving career offices especially a way to measure success at preparing learners for the working world.

Data insights in PeopleGrove are commonly used for:

  • Number of users and engagement.
  • Message activity between users, including how many upcoming grads have reached out to alumni.
  • Response rate of both alumni and students.
  • Connection feedback and surveys (with alerts for low reviews).
  • Number of jobs and internships applied to and posted.
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The insights it provides are incredible. It gives me a great way of thinking about my objectives, how we can utilize the data, and how we can improve.
Kristi Lacle
Assistant VP of Jayhawk Career Network
KU Alumni

Report Builder

User-level career analysis

Report Builder empowers universities to discover meaningful data that they can act on. And with 90+ data fields, there are nearly unlimited ways to build, save, and run on-demand custom reports.

The power to use your data is up to you:

  • Find first-gen students or underserved groups to see their career readiness, how much networking they’ve done, and how much social capital they’ve built. 
  • Locate alumni by geographic location, industry, and more to volunteer as subject matter experts for classroom-to-career initiatives.
  • As a compliment to Network Builder, encourage alumni in more tailored ways to be even more active in growing a thriving community. 
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Supporting Customers with Analytics

95% Customer Renewal Rate

It’s easy to self-serve with PeopleGrove’s Analytics & Data, but when universities need help, our Customer Success team provides guidance for school-specific goals.

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Data Integrations & Exports

Data in motion

PeopleGrove makes it easy to share data, whether that’s between offices and departments on campus (Advancement, Admissions, Faculty, etc.) or with other apps. Interested in seeing the percentage of engaged alumni on your platform who are also giving? PeopleGrove integrates with CRMs like Slate and Razor’s Edges so schools can find out the total giving amounts for alumni using the platform.

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Helping students & alumni find value

It’s easy to see how much alumni are giving with PeopleGrove integrations – but user data shows alumni are more likely to donate because of their positive PeopleGrove experience. Some partners report over $1M in giving from alumni active in their platforms.


average gift donated by surveyed alumni using PeopleGrove.¹


of alumni using PeopleGrove gave financially to their school.¹

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Resources for thought leaders

View resources that support universities in a learner first approach.

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Real insights in real-time

Demo Data & Analytics in PeopleGrove's Career Access Platform™.
  1. PeopleGrove's 2021-2022 Benchmarks Report