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Create Community with Student & Alumni Groups

PeopleGrove is where like-minded learners can connect, trade advice, and discuss what matters to them in a safe community space.

Where people find their people

Student & Alumni Groups in a school’s Career Access Platform™ are purpose-driven pockets of the larger university community. They put learners in touch with people just like them, who like what they like and care about the same issues. It’s a welcoming environment where students and alumni are more comfortable asking questions – which keeps a university’s networking community going strong.

It's helped to bring the USD community together worldwide. Students are thrilled to have access to new opportunities and career advice, and alumni feel so engaged by this opportunity to support other Toreros.
Robin Darmon
Senior Director of the Career Development Center
University of San Diego

A Powerful Way to Ask For Help

One question can spark many connections

While networking and mentorship are great for one-on-one interactions, student & alumni groups facilitate one-to-many career conversations. Learners can access PeopleGrove’s connection tools, like discussion boards, resource collections, and events to build relationships with group members.

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No Lift, No Stress

The groups every school needs

From the get-go, PeopleGrove builds a handful of groups that promote career access – and they already include content, so there’s no extra lift for staff. Because there’s a “no empty rooms” policy on the platform, Network Builder uses smart algorithms to drive learners to these groups on day one.

Drive career access with pre-configured groups like Career Advice and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Add custom, public or private groups, including ones for ambassadors and incoming student orientation.

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Universities Using PeopleGrove

A smarter platform for higher education

Resources for community building

Explore resources that support universities in creating a learner first strategy.

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More connections, more value

Demo how student & alumni groups drive value for universities in PeopleGrove's Career Access Platform™.