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Network Builder

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) power our network builder. We transform unstructured data into powerful recommendations that deliver a personalized experience for every user.

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Create journeys that engage users from activation through engagement.

Network builder recognizes the actions, interests, and preferences and then connect learners to relevant careers, people, and content experiences. It takes the burden of building a thriving network off departments so teams can focus on on-campus evangelism – spreading the word about PeopleGrove’s Career Access Platform.

Every user has access to:

  1. A vibrant, friendly community brimming with relevant career experiences

  2. Uniquely curated content

  3. Recommendations for ideal industry connections

  4. Real-time to-dos, tips, and tricks to excel professionally

Beginning with the data users share and enhanced by each new click path, PeopleGrove’s network builder technology adapts to understand the needs of each user. Better, ensuring content, suggestions, and recommendations are on point – just like Netflix. By surfacing the right content to the right person at the right time, PeopleGrove increases the likelihood of a student connecting college to career, building a network of mentors, and graduating with critical social capital for lifelong career satisfaction. Network builder uses AI and ML to make sense of an abundance of unstructured data to suggest suitable career paths, college to career guidance from a warm network, and job connections — creating greater access to social capital, a first destination job, or career pivots.

PeopleGrove Delivers

We need to get alumni and students to join in building a successful network! We drive learners into PeopleGrove’s network as quickly as possible to ensure each community reaches an optimal and balanced number of student and alumni users. By ensuring the network comprises individuals across industries and backgrounds, we can meet the expectations of all first-time users.

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