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Networking & Mentorship 3 min read

Students & Alumni Don’t Need Mentors

Students & Alumni 5 min read

A Vision of the Future for Students

Networking & Mentorship 5 min read

Closing the Social Capital Know-How Gap

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Academic Affairs

Fighting higher ed’s perception problem by extending lifetime value. As the new semester kicks off, in an all too predictable […]

7 min read

Academic Affairs

The beginnings of Briggs Connect Michigan State University, founded as a public land-grant university in 1855, sits just outside the […]

7 min read

Academic Affairs

The Way I Remember the High School to College Transition Ritual It was 2:59pm. I had made my way to […]

10 min read

Academic Affairs

From our inception, PeopleGrove has focused on two things: first, on developing virtual, online solutions which help universities create and […]

3 min read

Academic Affairs

Part three of our 5-part webinar series on #TheGivingEquation was a discussion around some of today’s fundraising challenges, plus a […]

7 min read

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