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A Vision of the Future for Students

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Closing the Social Capital Know-How Gap

Alumni & Advancement 5 min read

From Seekers to Sharers And Back Again

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Founded in 1865, the University of Kansas is the state’s flagship university, with five campuses located across eastern and central […]

6 min read

Alumni & Advancement

Why Universities HAVE to Prioritize Alumni Networks in an Outcomes Driven Market At this point last year, higher education was […]

4 min read

Product Update

The importance of social capital for students to progress in their career is undeniable. A classic study once estimated that […]

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The University of Miami, located just outside the city of Miami, Florida, was first chartered in 1925. This was the […]

7 min read

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Batesville, Indiana is a small rural community, centrally located between Indianapolis, Indiana; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Louisville, Kentucky. Its single public […]

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Academic Affairs

The beginnings of Briggs Connect Michigan State University, founded as a public land-grant university in 1855, sits just outside the […]

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Building a successful tech stack for students and alumni is no easy feat. Evaluating all the options and making a […]

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