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The Mentoring Gap Whitepaper

Undergraduate support is lacking in American colleges and universities - leading to a shortage of graduates who are prepared for the working world. Download our whitepaper to understand the reasons (and solutions) for why quality mentoring is not yet within every student’s reach, and how PeopleGrove is working to close this prominent Mentoring Gap.

Gallup-Purdue Index Report 2015

The Gallup-Purdue Index examines two important questions: Do U.S. universities provide students with opportunities equal to increasing college fees? And: Do students graduate well-equipped to find good jobs and prosper financially, as well as pursue their passions and lead healthy, fulfilling lives?

Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transitions In A Time Of Automation

Published by the McKinsey Global Institute, Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained dives into what career areas will experience growth, which won't, and where we can expect new jobs and careers to develop. The report also covers strategies for adapting to the new world of automation and predictions for success and failure.

Edsurge: Goodbye College Advising, Hello College Coaching

“Traditionally there has been academic advising here, and career advising over there, and financial aid advising over there. We have known for a long time that doesn’t work from a student point of view. As we move to an integrated tech system where an advisor is thinking about a holistic approach, advising isn’t even the right word. It’s a coach.”– Melinda Karp, Assistant Director at the Community College Research Center (CCRC)

Gallup: Welcome To The Exit Era Of Higher Education

Historians of higher education may one day come to describe recent decades as the "Entrance Era" of higher education. But findings from the Gallup-Purdue Index 2016 report suggest that a new era is on the horizon: the "Exit Era" of higher education, in which the ultimate accomplishment will be the successful transition from college to life outside of college. – Brandon Busteed, Executive Director, Education & Workforce Development

Lumina Foundation: The Future Of Student Needs: Innovative Responses To Emerging Student Needs

"Defining the domain of student life allows us to zoom in on emerging student needs as they relate to a student's life as a whole. What would the future look like if our present trends continued? Our baseline future explores these possibilities and outcomes. We focused on the future to arrive at a set of nine emerging student needs."

Nace: Connections, Evaluation Key To Career Communities Model

"We needed to provide a direct connection between students and their opportunities. The new model features 10 communities so students can explore how their discipline relates to industry-specific opportunities. This will enable students to align their academic interests with their career interests and to connect with alumni employed in a broad array of fields.” – Joe Lovejoy, Director of Career Services for the Walter Center for Career Achievement

Personnel Psychology: High-Quality Mentors And Other Supportive Work Relationships As Buffers To Ambient Racial Discrimination

"Mentors offer many benefits to protégés: they may be role models who sponsor and coach protégés, offer them guidance, help them advance in the organization, and promote their careers (Ragins & Kram, 2007). Our research revealed yet another important benefit: mentors can buffer employees from the negative effects of ambient racial discrimination." – Belle Rose Ragins, Professor of Management at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, et al

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