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Universities Using PeopleGrove

Heather Brown,
Associate Vice President for Development

"Ten years ago, we wouldn’t have thought to offer these programs, but we really see that need to make sure our alumni feel engaged and that they see opportunities from their alma mater and not from somewhere else."

Bridget Holmes,
Senior Director of Career & Regional Initiatives

"We realized there were so many things we wanted -- one-off connections for quick questions, an alumni directory, more structured mentoring programs, affinity groups --and I had no idea one platform could do it all."

Lisa Vaccarelli
Previously Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

"Scalability is huge for us. PeopleGrove understood the landscape better than any other vendor we spoke to, and was able to demonstrate they are focused on flexing to meet the needs and concerns of our diverse community."

Dr. Farouk Dey,
Vice Provost for Integrative Learning and Life Design

"Our partnership is critical. They are not vendors, they are partners, key players, thought leaders, and friends."

Minh-Ha Hoang,
Director of Admissions

"This platform allows us to build connections 1:1 with students. It allows us to align students with similar interests…it’s really a magical experience.”