Create a culture of growth and mentorship at your company

Invest in employee development, satisfaction, and retention by building a private corporate community with PeopleGrove.

Why PeopleGrove

Mentorship, an employee benefit that delivers 10x ROI. 

Create your internal talent marketplace

As office life evolves, the classic watercooler encounter is an endangered species. Those casual interactions helped bring people together as a community. PeopleGrove creates new opportunities for connection. We help you build your company’s culture no matter where your employees are in the world.

Invest in your greatest resource: Your Team

People choose employers for many reasons. At the top of most lists is the opportunity to learn from the amazing people already on the team. But gone are the days of senior staff offering traditional “office hours” or “lunch and learns.” PeopleGrove helps your team offer connection opportunities in a new way.

Employee retention through mentorship

It costs a lot to find and train new talent. Launching an employee mentoring program is one of the best ways to invest in talent development and boost employee retention. PeopleGrove matches mentors to mentees based on a number of criteria. Meetings and conversations are managed inside PeopleGrove. Human resources and people ops teams visibility to what's working.

70% of Fortune 500 companies have formal and informal mentorship opportunities

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