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The Alumni Network Alumni are Asking For

Alumni want more from their alma mater. Addressing their needs can pay off.

Avenues for lifelong support

Job opportunities, career support, and non-financial ways to give back, including mentoring, are the top requests alumni make in nationwide surveys. With PeopleGrove’s Career Access Platform™, it’s easy for universities to provide all, lighting the way for lifelong support and giving.

Where alumni own their story

Learning doesn’t end with graduation. That’s why alumni consistently rank career networking as the top area alumni associations “could better support.” They’re knowledge-seekers and knowledge-sharers, looking to grow in their careers (with help from alumni relations) and wanting to be a mentoring resource for others. PeopleGrove makes it easy for alumni to do both. 

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Bring Alumni Back to Their Alma Mater

More ways to connect means more alumni engagement

PeopleGrove is more than an alumni community platform – it’s a smart career network that connects alumni to jobs, peers, social capital, and give-back opportunities in radically helpful ways.

Alumni Want to be Engaged

Strengthening alumni relationships

Surveyed alumni using PeopleGrove acknowledge the positive effects of the platform. 

59% of alumni

agreed that using PeopleGrove kept their alma mater relevant in their lives³

$670 avg gift

from alumni using PeopleGrove at partner institution³

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How Alumni Help Others or Themselves

Networking made easy

With as many as 80% of jobs going unposted, social capital matters in the “hidden job market.” With PeopleGrove, universities get a powerful network that makes it easier than ever for more alumni to share expertise, advice, and help, benefiting the entire university community. 

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Meaningful for Students & Alumni

Mentorship that matters

There’s value in alumni career journeys, and sharing is an impactful way to give. But alumni don’t always have time. Enter PeopleGrove, where mentorship can happen in a manner of minutes – and at scale.

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Provide Alumni with Introductions & Opportunities

Community job connections

In today’s world, graduates need continued support and access to new opportunities. PeopleGrove helps universities offer lifelong alumni career support.

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Platform Features

Tools for empowering lifelong alumni success

PeopleGrove's Career Access Platform™ helps alumni build their network and access job opportunities.

Alumni & Business Directory

Strengthen the university’s network and support alumni-owned businesses.

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Alumni & Student Groups

Empower volunteers and engage alumni at scale with tailored resources.

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Job Connections

Give alumni access to the hidden job market and help them land their dream role(s).

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Event Management & Promotion

Ticket and track attendance for both virtual and in-person events.

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Add-ons & Integrations

Accept donations from GiveCampus, and integrate with Blackbaud, Salesforce, and more.

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Community-Based Projects

Unite communities and opportunities through a private marketplace of experiential learning projects.

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Universities Using PeopleGrove

A smarter platform for higher education

Research from The Grove

Enhance student and alumni experiences. View resources that support universities in a learner first approach.

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Alumni & Advancement

Social Capital Impact Webinar

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Effective alumni support

With PeopleGrove, universities can provide alumni with the career access and resources they're asking for.
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