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Personalize Every Enrollment Experience

Improve yield & persistence by making a university’s current community – from peers and faculty to alumni professionals – readily accessible to prospective students.

A college enrollment platform designed with learners in mind

Immerse new students and their families in a new enrollment experience, one that provides direct access to the people and information that matter most. With PeopleGrove, students have an interactive resource hub for creating meaningful connections and exploring potential career paths.

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Average increase in admitted deposits


Average review of an interaction with a peer or ambassador

$13.2 MM

at $50k tuition, average tuition revenue positively influenced

Guide students toward success

Bring campus life to every corner of the world. PeopleGrove’s Enrollment Success Hub gives them resources, opportunities, and guidance from peers and professionals further down their career path.

Increase Applications

Capture the attention of prospective students. They might not have a network or a starting point – and that’s where PeopleGrove comes in. Connecting new learners with current students, faculty, and alumni enhances the admissions process.

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Improve Yield

Keep the excitement of being accepted into college going. Authentic stories from current students and alumni give incoming learners an idea of what to expect and encouragement.

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Reduce Summer Melt

Ensure incoming students feel supported through the orientation process. Meeting peers and building social capital early on shows learners how powerful their future campus community will be.

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First Year Persistence

PeopleGrove helps learners boost confidence in building connections and reassures them they made the right choice for college.

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Explore Career Outcomes

Trying new things with little risk – and a support system – better prepares students for planning beyond college.

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Alumni Engagement

Alumni are universities’ greatest brand ambassadors. And empowering them to share their story with prospective students goes a long way.

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Inside Every PeopleGrove Student Enrollment Solution

A centralized community of current students, faculty, and alumni ready to extend a warm welcome

Increase Applications

  • Captivate every prospective student. The real way to highlight what makes one university different from the rest is to leverage authentic voices of its community. Happy students, inspiring faculty, and accomplished alumni show what campus life is all about.
  • Engage early with students via live support. Make it easy for prospective students and their families to connect with Admissions & Enrollment staff when they have questions. It's streamlined advising and no more waiting on hold.

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Improve Yield

  • Leave a lasting impression. Imagine the joy a student feels if they received a custom welcome video along with their admissions acceptance envelope. It's an immediate connection to peers and campus life, and in PeopleGrove, anyone can do this in a minute or less.
  • #PoweredByInfluencers. Word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing. When universities use student and alumni testimonials to tell authentic stories about their campus and career experience, it impacts prospective learners during their decision-making process.

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Reduce Summer Melt

  • Meet future classmates before class starts. Drive a sense of belonging and more interactions between prospective and current students to achieve deeper engagement. As future learners build relationships, they’ll be more likely to enroll and succeed.
  • Replace anxiety with excitement. From picking a college to submitting forms on time, the enrollment process is daunting. Offer greater support from peers and alumni to reduce the stress for prospective students. 

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First Year Persistence

  • Like Google Maps, but for onboarding. When a student’s journey from freshman to sophomore in college feels more like turn by turn directions, they know exactly where they need to go.
  • Pair incoming students with an experienced peer. It’s helpful for learners to get advice from someone further in their journey. And since alumni in PeopleGrove want to guide incoming students, it’s a win-win. 

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Boost your CRM

Transform student engagement and experience data into actionable insights to convert more learners.

Conversational Intelligence

PeopleGrove helps university staff identify trends on FAQs or areas of concern for incoming students.

Student Interest Profile

With Natural Language Processing, PeopleGrove pinpoints which topics students are interested in based on their platform activity.

Sentiment Analysis

Pulse surveys are used after 1:1 interactions to gauge what went well and what didn’t, leading to better predictions of enrollment outcomes.

Orientation Progress Tracking

Find it challenging to deploy onboarding with docs stored in PDFs? Automation smooths out this process, making it easy for students to navigate their first weeks of college and social events.

Automated Event Attendance

Our Zoom integration shows who’s in attendance automatically, making learners’ experiences seamless – and providing clear data for university staff.

Real-Time Ambassador Response Rates

Know who the most effective university ambassadors are with on-demand communication between them and prospective/accepted students. Applaud them for a job well done.

Standard features to enhance admissions & enrollment

Every student can easily connect and learn about your institution.

Mobile Apps

Connect with students anywhere, anytime

55% of Gen Zers use their phones for 5+ hours a day.¹ PeopleGrove offers an engaging mobile app to meet their interest. And universities can even brand the experience to match their institution.

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Event Management

All events in one place

It’s an event-filled journey from the start to finish of each school year. That’s why PeopleGrove’s Career Access Platform™ makes it easy for learners to access event content, on-demand. And recruitment, admissions, and orientation teams can manage in-person and virtual events in one spot.

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Curated Content

A more strategic approach to digital content

When content is tailored to specific audiences, accessible on mobile devices, and part of a larger discussion, improved learning follows. (So does deeper engagement.) Students interact with relevant content – and, when they find what they need, university staff discover what’s important to them.

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A smarter platform for higher education

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With PeopleGrove, incoming students become a part of the university community sooner, benefiting yield & persistence.
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