We're proud of what we've accomplished with these great universities and organizations.

Today's leading universities and organizations are choosing PeopleGrove to support their communities and drive professional and academic success. The following customers and their stories represent just a few of the unique ways our partners are leveraging PeopleGrove's platform.

Streamlining Career Services With An All-In-One Solution

PeopleGrove made it easy for the UMUC students and alumni community to connect on a one-stop, fully customizable career platform. Read more.

Reimagining Alumni Mentoring for Today's College Students

PeopleGrove offered the Stanford Alumni Mentoring program the flexibility and functionality it was looking for to create a stronger mentoring program. Read more.


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KGI Connected Platform Provides Value in Networking for Students

Powered by PeopleGrove, KGI Connected empowers students and alumni to help themselves. β€œIt’s like LinkedIn on steroids, but only for the KGI community.” Read more.

Life-changing Conversations

"I was overwhelmed with how helpful one conversation with my mentor could be. I was able to discover a new field of study that I was unaware even existed."

- Penn State Student