Advising Across the Platform

PeopleGrove is the single place where your learners find all the people in your community who are available to help them. Mentors, colleagues, faculty and staff as well. Offer advising support for all of your people on one platform.

Make Virtual Advising Easy

Having a consistent experience simplifies the lives of learners who need support from your staff. PeopleGrove makes it easy for your advisors, too.

Never Miss a Word

Ever wish you could put down the pencil or leave the keyboard alone, and just truly listen deeply to the person you’re advising, without concern that you’re going to forget that gem of an insight? With recording and transcription, you never miss a word. Be present. Stay engaged. And don't worry—the notes will take care of themselves.

Advising + Mentoring

You’ve just wrapped up your advising session. What’s their next step? Why not have them reach out to 2-3 members in your community who could help? When Advising is built right alongside mentoring, you can easily make those recommendations, even proactively using PeopleGrove’s connection introduction tool.

Scale Alumni Career Services

It’s one of the main things alumni are asking for, but you’re not sure how to meaningfully provide it at scale. With Advising, you can easily appoint multiple alumni volunteers, granting them special access as advisors in your system, to help field inbound demand.

Universities we're proud to support in their advising efforts:

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