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Bridging Community and Opportunity

Project Templates

Sharing work and sourcing talent has never been easier. Professionals simply choose a project template from our library (or start from scratch!), quickly tailor it to their needs, and post. Voila!

Guided Pathways

"Learners," you say? I see competent independent contractors. Or at least that’s how step-by-step guided Pathways make them appear. Oh, and that completion badge on their profile isn’t too shabby looking either.

“Our university stands behind the values of diversity and inclusion, and joining the BridgesAlliance will support us in achieving a new vision of equitable access to immersive experiences and mentoring for all students - regardless of background or social capital.”

Farouk Dey

Vice Provost for Integrative Learning and Life Design at Johns Hopkins University

“The gap between the qualifications students need to find a part-time job that pays some bills versus those they need to compete for a career-related internship can be large. We expect that Bridges will help students close that gap by offering meaningful, developmental experiences from alumni invested in their success.”

Catherine Voss Plaxton

Interim Associate Vice President for Student Services at San Jose State University

“By engaging our rich and diverse network of alumni, we can connect students to meaningful opportunities that will help them build the skills they need to be successful in the workforce of today and tomorrow.”

Christian Garcia

Associate Dean and Executive Director, Toppel Career Center at the University of Miami

“Bridges has helped us celebrate what makes our community diverse and unique, promote a deeper level of connection, and reach record engagement in experiential learning. We've increased accessibility to opportunities for all students in a way that is meaningful and lasting.”

Jen Pollard

Director of Operations and Analytics at Wellesley College

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