Alumni Directory

Why direct your learners to two systems to find alumni? With the Directory enhancement in PeopleGrove, you make it easy to reach out to alumni, whether they choose to be mentors or not.

Not Just Easier—Better.

Don’t switch away from your current directory solution just because PeopleGrove makes it easier for your learners. Do it because PeopleGrove’s Alumni Directory is better.

Who Sees Whom?

You choose. Faculty and staff could see university donors alongside alumni, while alumni users themselves see just other alumni. Get creative with your options.

Field-Level Privacy

By default, all fields other than First Name and Last Name will be hidden on the directory until the learner has opted-in to the site, but you can choose to expand that: geography, major and graduation year, or something custom. You control it all.

Faculty Directory for Prospective Students

Prospective students benefit from being able to contact select student and alumni ambassadors before matriculating. Why not faculty as well? A Directory works perfectly for that! Faculty members don't even need to sign up.

These universities power their Alumni Directories with PeopleGrove:

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