Integrated Events

In-person and virtual events in a familiar experience. Keep your learners right where you want them, on your university-branded and controlled PeopleGrove site.

Keeping Your Community Connected

Group identity is created and forged in group gatherings, be those virtual or in-person. PeopleGrove helps your group gather.

Centralized Access

Promote events with custom imagery, Google Maps integration, social sharing widgets, and automated confirmation and reminder emails, all right in PeopleGrove.

Zoom Integrated

Whether you're hosting small-group info sessions with Zoom Meetings, or large-scale seminars with Zoom Webinars, PeopleGrove Events simplifies registration and attendance data tracking with our no-cost Zoom integration.

Simplified Registration

Your learners won’t need to enter in multiple fields of information when registering for an event—it's already inside PeopleGrove. Those who haven’t completed full site registration can register with a simple name and email, enjoy the event, and complete a full profile later.

Instant Reporting

Centralized event management doesn't only make event discovery easier for learners, it also makes data management and reporting more powerful for you. Attendance data is immediately available inside your CRM. PeopleGrove can also alert your fundraisers immediately when important donors attend events.

Universities managing their in-person and virtual events with PeopleGrove include:

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