Support Tools for Affinity Groups

Your community already includes natural affinities within it. Each has their own unique audience and needs. Give them the tools to succeed and empower connection at the affinity level, with Groups.

Your Imagination is Your Only Limit

Imagine enabling each dean on campus to manage their own college community. Imagine a group for every industry. Imagine your entire alumni association membership being managed on one site. Private groups for donors. Public groups by major. Groups for first generation students. They're all possible.

Tools for Engagement

Every group includes a membership listing powered by all of PeopleGrove’s helpful tools for making immediate connections: calendaring, virtual meetings, etc. Groups can also be configured with their own discussion boards, resource collections, and Events management capability. Pretty powerful, if we do say so ourselves.

Cultivate and Steward Major Donors

You don't want just anybody contacting your donors. But you also need them to feel the impact of their giving. How can you have the best of both worlds? Here's how: with a private group, a hidden donor profile, and by inviting in only vetted and trained mentees—perhaps even the recipients of the scholarship themselves.

Universities who use PeopleGrove Groups:

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