Integrated Fundraising with GiveCampus

Having two, best-in-class systems—tied together in a true partnership—is more powerful than having one, mediocre-at-both pseudo-solution. Enjoy fundraising integration without sacrificing quality. Don't settle for mediocre. Get the best.

Help More Alumni Become Donors

Imagine: you've just had a 5-star interaction mentoring a gracious, gifted student.
When would be a better time than now to receive a gift ask?

Make that dream a reality. Integrate giving forms from GiveCampus, the market-leading digital fundraising solution, into the inspiring experience of mentorship happening on your PeopleGrove platform. Turn alumni mentors into donors, by presenting gift asks which are timely, and simple to act upon.

Homepage Giving Banners

Your volunteers see your GiveCampus fundraising appeals right on the PeopleGrove homepage. This ensures the request can't be missed.

Customize your giving banner to speak to your audience's interests, and optionally only show it during the giving seasons that matter to you.

Auto-Email Requests for Donations

When someone completes a mentorship in PeopleGrove, we email the mentors, thanking them for their volunteered gift of time. This is also a good time to ask for a GiveCampus gift. Example:

"You did it! Thank you, Ms. Chen, for providing mentorship to Karl. Research has shown that students who receive support from people like you are more likely to successfully finish their degrees and succeed in their careers. Would you also be willing to support students like Karl financially? Click here to make a gift to our Student Retention Fund."

Let Donors Wear That Badge with Pride

A scalable way of moving prospect from interest, to volunteership, all the way through to stewardship. 

Combine GiveCampus invitations (to donate to cause or to start their own social fundraising campaign) with PeopleGrove's automated development Pathways and your prospects receive tailored invitations in a an appropriate sequence. And, they earn badges along the way. 

There is no other platform that does this at scale!

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Let's Talk Fundraising

Our solutions experts are available to show you how these two best-in-class systems make one truly top-notch alumni engagement and fundraising solution.