Your community’s virtual tour guide. Create unlimited sets of step-by-step instructions, guiding your learners to develop specific skills, to accomplish particular tasks, and to earn custom badges.

Be There For Them Even If You Can’t Be There With Them

Pathways help learners move forward with the guidance they need, right when they need it. They’re never lost when they’re on the path.

Encourage Platform Exploration - One Step at a Time

Use Pathways to offer invitation to all of the other parts of your PeopleGrove platform: post in a discussion forum, read a help article, find a mentor, book a meeting. As learners take these steps Pathways marks their steps done.

Precise and Continuous Dynamic Assignment

Deploy paths to the right learners, right when they qualify. For example: all first-generation students from metropolitan areas who joined the system 14 days ago and have still not sent a message. A coaching pathway triggers dynamically to help them make that first connection.

Badging & Credentialing

How can learners tell whether another has met the credentialing requirements of your organization? Check the Badges section on their profile. When you design a pathway, you choose or create a custom badge for learners to earn automatically when they complete all its steps.

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