Your community's marketplace of guided experiential learning projects. Sourced from your learners. Coached by your mentors. All on your branded, secure site. 

Bridging Community and Opportunity

Project Templates

Sharing work and sourcing talent has never been easier. Professionals simply choose a project template from our library (or start from scratch!), quickly tailor it to their needs, and post. Voila!

Guided Pathways

"Learners," you say? I see competent independent contractors. Or at least that’s how step-by-step guided Pathways make them appear. Oh, and that completion badge on their profile isn’t too shabby looking either.

Product Tour

Projects is an integrated part of the PeopleGrove solution, where learning meets doing. Take the full tour. 

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Experiential career development and project-based mentor engagement have finally found their day. Now it’s your turn.