You can’t take action on information you don’t have. Turn your PeopleGrove platform into a data gathering engine with the addition of Surveys.

Survey Data Should NOT be Captured in a Silo

Automated Notifications

PeopleGrove’s custom notification system allows you to automatically trigger messages to learners when they take specific actions in the system. Dynamically include Surveys into your notifications, and you have one more reason why an integrated Surveys solution is better than detached alternatives.

Audience Targeting

Who can find and complete your surveys? Just specific individuals? Anyone on the open web? How about just the individuals who you have already vetted and cleared into your PeopleGrove platform? With an integrated system, all of these options are at your disposal.

Variety of Options

Linear scale. Star ratings. NPS. More than just your standard short text, long text, and multiple choice. Surveys gives you plenty of question type options to collect the information that matters to you, and to keep it right in line with other PeopleGrove data.

Small sample of universities using the PeopleGrove Survey solution:

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