Welcoming New University Partners

Looking Back on a Spring of Change and the Institutions Expanding Support for Their Communities

This summer looks a little different than in years past. 

The focus of alumni relations has shifted away from the reunions and the parties and towards career support and volunteerism. This is a product of the “change accelerated” in higher education and the pressure put on graduates by a struggling economy. As we wrote in a recent CASE article, alumni relations has a responsibility to continue to provide value for alumni beyond graduation. This is especially crucial for recent graduates who are at risk of becoming the Lost Class of 2020. By providing this value, measuring outcomes over inputs, universities  


We also know that current students are preparing themselves for an uphill climb to the job market. Mentorship and immersive experiences have emerged as pillars of the new model that will drive students towards success  — particularly for students who may come to an institution with a small “inherited network,” such as a first-generation student. Ensuring these opportunities are scaled to serve all students is crucial in this new normal.

Finally, we recognize that prospective students are also adjusting. Without being able to visit campus, prospects have been struggling to explore an institution’s community. Colleges and universities are finding creative, innovative ways to authentically share those communities and give prospects access to those who can best share insight.  

These are just some of the key goals and initiatives of schools that we’re proud to work with, including those that joined our community in the second quarter of 2020. We’re excited to bring the power and knowledge of that community to the students and alumni of these great institutions. 

Welcome to the PeopleGrove family!