Enable meaningful connections throughout every learner's journey.

  • Align your campus-wide Strategic Enrollment Management initiatives.

  • Consolidate recruitment, yield, and melt programming into one platform.

  • Make every student’s enrollment experience personal, memorable, and approachable.

  • Create one place where students can align their passions to their academic path.

  • Help students access all the wonderful resources you've created for them.

  • Connect more students with advisors, counselors, mentors, and student success leaders.

  • Give students equitable access to opportunities for career exploration.

  • Provide personalized career connections, mentorship, and alumni community access.

  • Use guided pathways to track progress towards career readiness goals.

  • Provide alumni with access to career opportunities powered by your alumni network.

  • Centralize directories, alumni job boards, and chapter management into a new, personalized experience.

  • Advance your mission by driving higher engagement, stronger affinity, and measured increases in giving.

We provide value for the whole institution and each department, personalized for every individual.

Cross-campus Strategic Alignment

One integrated platform for the journey from prospective student to successful alum. Each solution powerful alone, but better together.

  • Enrollment and Admissions

    Improve yield and reduce summer melt by connecting prospective students with your ambassador community

  • Academic Advising

    Increase student success by surrounding students with a holistic support team

  • Career Readiness

    Drive career readiness at scale with mentoring, pathways, job referrals, and career communities

  • Alumni and Advancement

    Boost loyalty and affinity by supporting alumni long after graduation

Access to Community and Connections

Offer every student and alumni access to a community and connections to succeed. Personalized support precisely where and when they need it.

  • For their needs

    Challenges with school, job prospects, or general stress and anxiety

  • For their goals

    Getting into college, graduating on time, career advancement, or making an audacious move

  • On their time

    Accessible on-the-go, in between classes, in their dorm rooms, or during a work break

  • At their pace

    Built-in pathways for turn-by-turn navigation with informal or structured mentors

Learn how institutions are supporting the career advancement of their alumni in order to ‘earn the gift’.

We help you provide Superhuman Support.

So your students and alumni can reach their full potential.

Superintelligent Technology

Our technology harnesses the collective intelligence of hundreds of partners, including over 50 of the Top 100 U.S. Universities, and a powerful mission-driven team, resulting in insights that help us deliver the highest quality experience for your community.

Human-to-human connection

We believe the most memorable, transformative, and lasting experiences involve one-to-one, human-to-human interactions, so we put that front and center in the PeopleGrove experience.

Villanova University

“Ten years ago, we wouldn’t have thought to offer these programs, but we really see that need to make sure our alumni feel engaged and that they see opportunities from their alma mater and not from somewhere else.”
– Heather Brown, Associate Vice President for Development

Work well with others

Universities choose us because we work for everyone, including students, alumni, IT teams, legal departments, and beyond.

Popular Opinion

Students and alumni want a single place to go to for career support, community and connection.

“Bringing all of these programs options under one roof made it much easier for people to put up their hand and say yes.”

A-J Aronstein

Dean at Beyond Barnard, Barnard College

Proven facts

Proven to influence college choice, student career-readiness, and alumni giving.

Are you switching from a different software solution?

We offer concierge migration services to make any transition seamless.

Powerful solutions – tailored to your community’s needs

Why do the best trust PeopleGrove with their community?

Easy and flexible admin management

View and manage admin access levels, and adjust team or individuals permission settings so you can control who has access to different data and tools.

Robust data controls

Rest assured that your data is safe and secure with daily database backups that are retained for two weeks. All database backups are encrypted at rest and stored securely (with a 99.9% SLA uptime).

Custom branding and workflows

You’ll have control over key branding elements, such as your domain (e.g. irishcompass.nd.edu) and the look-and-feel. With our flexible field framework, you can create new fields on the fly and control how the data is used in your PeopleGrove platform.

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