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Maximize Student Enrollment

The student enrollment management solution that helps universities increase yield 3.23x and reduce melt

Optimize recruitment and admissions

PeopleGrove helps colleges and universities stand out to prospective students, increasing yield. A uniquely consolidated solution that's easier for students to navigate, PeopleGrove gives schools the power to personalize their outreach and make meaningful connections to the programs, academics, and people that result in enrollment success.

Enrollment Yield Results

3.23x deposit increase

After using PeopleGrove’s enrollment solution, Admissions at the University of San Diego grew engagement and deposits.

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Melt-reducing Admissions Management Software

Show students they’ll “fit” at your school

To better foster a student's feeling of “fit,” institutions need insights on the academic and career interests of prospective students. PeopleGrove helps schools engage with prospective students to learn those data insights and leverage them. From one central location, schools can reinforce their commitment to student outcomes and show their academic offerings are what individual prospective students are looking for. 

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Universities Using PeopleGrove

650+ institutions trust our solutions

Scalable Enrollment Navigation Tool

Engage with prospective students in meaningful ways

Enhance Your Enrollment Management Platform

From financial aid to email reminders to campus visit registration, students can more easily navigate the admissions process with PeopleGrove, accessing everything they need in one place, with one log in.

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Meaningful Relationships Foster Belonging

In PeopleGrove, schools can connect prospective students with current student ambassadors for encouragement, boosting confidence, and friendships while faculty can expand relationships beyond peer-to-peer – all to build an early sense of belonging.

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Connect to Outcomes with Our Academic & Career Survey

In PeopleGrove, prospective students answer questions about their interests, values, and more to connect their career aspirations to university majors, degree programs, and ultimately careers. Even before they enroll, students can see how your school puts them on a path to a degree and life after that "fits" them.

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PeopleGrove Enrollment Results

Student Success

Institutions see improved enrollment after using PeopleGrove.

77% students applied

After taking PeopleGrove’s enrollment career survey

3.88x more likely to enroll

After admitted students engaged with ambassadors with PeopleGrove

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Student enrollment solution features


Seamless software integrations with Slate, Salesforce, and other technologies


As new prospects are added to the CRM, invitations can be sent to admitted students


Admins on campus can push out notifications via email

Dedicated Customer Success Support

With regularly scheduled check ins and support on demand, schools receive consulting support for yield and melt prevention


Student data is safeguarded

Now more than ever, our students need enrollment assistance. Without PeopleGrove, we would not be able to provide assistance to students at the necessary scale and level of personalization.
Austin McKinley
Admissions Communications Supervisor,
University of San Diego

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