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The Solution for Expanding Experiential Learning

Help more students benefit from High-Impact Practices – and make programs easier to manage across campus – with Experiential Learning by PeopleGrove, the nation’s leading experiential learning management software.

All parts of the experiential learning equation

High-Impact Practices are powerful real-world teaching tools for colleges and universities. Experiential Learning by PeopleGrove provides essential infrastructure for managing these programs end-to-end at the university level. The result? Centralized oversight, game changing data, and a path to 100% student participation – all from one experiential learning platform.

Powerful Aggregation & Assessment Tools

Insights Into HIPs Equity

When High-Impact Practices (HIPs) are a student success and retention strategy, universities need participation to be equitable. They also need a way to show student learning outcomes. That’s where Experiential Learning by PeopleGrove comes in. The software pulls 2 million+ HIPs opportunities from 4,000+ sources, from study abroad to capstone projects, online under one roof. All students get one user-friendly, all-inclusive spot to navigate the full spectrum of HIPs opportunities – and administrators can ensure traditionally underserved groups get the same access as everyone else.

And with assessment tools built in, colleges can report on participation and learning outcomes in an instant, proving how valuable high impact practices can be.

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Experiential Learning Implementation, Customized for Stakeholders

Our goal: supporting yours

Every student deserves real-world experience, but not everyone can afford an unpaid research project or optional internship. Schools leading the way in HIPs innovation have found the most equitable way to scale experiential learning is building it into curriculum and the broader student journey.

Embed in the Curriculum

We help match, deliver, and assess HIPs and EL opportunities in the classroom.

Co-curricular & Student Pathways

We create systems that credit students for co-curricular activities and ensure assessment for all takes place.

Grad Requirements

Get to 100% student participation. We’ll give administrators a portal to manage student’s progress through pathways and make sure they stay on track.

How It Works

Solutions for every step of the way

Streamline Operations

  • One database for all a university’s needs. Centralize internal operations with one comprehensive destination for administrators to manage every aspect of experiential learning.
  • Increase campus-wide adoption. Make it easier for faculty and staff from all departments to incorporate High-Impact Practices throughout curriculum, co-curriculum, and the student journey. 

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Establish Curriculum Connections

  • Set learning objectives. Define what students should learn from HIPs opportunities and ensure the right opportunities exist.
  • Put measurements in place. Implement pedagogies, assessments, surveys, rubrics, and other workflows to determine what learning has taken place.

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Match Students

  • Integrate multiple sources. Pull opportunities from Handshake, Terradotta, Givepulse and more, while collaborating companies post opportunities directly into the system.

  • Connect students with the right opportunities at the right time, all in one place. By bringing service learning, internships, collaborative assignments, diversity/global learning, first-year seminars, undergraduate research opportunities, and writing-intensive courses all under one search portal, students can explore every possible experiential learning option available, every time they log in.

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Analyze Effectiveness

  • Measure participation. Instantly see who is participating, what they’re doing, and when.

  • Record student outcomes from a variety of sources. Within the product, students, faculty, staff, and collaborating companies report on the skills, knowledge, and learnings students acquire throughout the HIPs experience.

  • Centralize and assess artifacts. Let faculty, staff, and collaborating companies review student work all in one place.

  • Report the impact. End cross-campus, siloed tracking processes, use data to find areas for improvement, and demonstrate the impact of experiential learning initiatives on student development and institutional outcomes.

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High-Impact Practices for Student Success

Students need easier access to experiential learning


of students say the number one barrier they face in participating in experiential learning is their current course load


of students want one place to search for opportunities


of students say participating in experiential learning opportunities is “very” or “extremely” important

Nationally Recognized Experts in Experiential Learning Solutions

Meet your new PhDs

At the core of Experiential Learning by PeopleGrove is deep collaboration with the leading minds in experiential learning best practices. Working side-by-side, this network of subject matter experts helps guide, design, build, test and launch each university’s program. And they’re here to offer the professional development that’s pivotal to long term success, including guest speaking to faculty and sharing proven experiential learning models.

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Custom services for long-term success

More than simply experiential learning management software, we offer the person-to-person support essential to successfully scale High-Impact Practices in higher education.


We start with foundational research on why experiential education matters and establish a common language for an institution's team.


Identify what we want students to learn (before we can know if learning takes place) with best-in-class assessment materials and training.


Ensure quality and promote the equitable participation of diverse students with help building a holistic student success strategy – derived from an institution’s mission/values.

Finance & Operations

Make data-driven decisions to maximize resources dedicated to experiential learning operations.

Professional Development

Devise a sustainable in-house strategy for sustained professional development, connecting faculty with HIPs experts.

Curriculum Development

Develop research-based curriculum and classroom materials, uniquely customized to the institution and department.


Move beyond access to scale high-quality experiential education that’s relevant to the school’s specific populations.


Analyze disaggregated student participation and outcomes data to drive change.

Unique Source for Project-based Learning

Real-world opportunities from really incredible companies

Not just an aggregation tool, Experiential Learning by PeopleGrove actively creates new project-based learning opportunities specifically for higher ed students. Without the legal burden of negotiating with private companies, universities can offer students powerful connections to the world of work. Serving as a liaison, we design joint programming and pair company projects with appropriate classes. 

Consult with an Experiential Learning Expert

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Consult with an Experiential Learning Expert

Using Experiential Learning by PeopleGrove

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