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Align Education & Career Guidance with PathwayU

Discover the patented career assessment and planning solution that keeps students engaged throughout their academic journey.

Career guidance, backed by science

Designed to encourage student success, PathwayU by PeopleGrove is how higher ed scales career advising and planning. A unique combination of cutting-edge predictive science and a patented algorithm makes it easier for institutions to offer more personal – and more meaningful – academic and career planning support to entire student populations.

Improve Student Outcomes

Help students find their fit at your school

More than one million students drop out of college every year (three-quarters of them are first-gen and two-thirds underserved). Crucial in today’s higher ed landscape is comprehensive career development support, and it starts by helping students declare early on the right major for them. Because when students delay declaring a major, four-year graduation rates, students retention, persistence, and mental health are all shown to decline.

From the moment students begin their college journeys, PathwayU by PeopleGrove provides a groundbreaking early clarity metric that guides students to not just an area of study but purpose and meaning in their educational journey. Users can choose a major more quickly and feel secure in their choice -- improving persistence and educational outcomes. Higher retention, on-time graduation, job placements, and graduate school acceptances can benefit as a result.

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Do More with PathwayU by PeopleGrove

Expand the capabilities of academic & career counseling


every student with personalized results


using the science of fit, and reduce enrollment melt


more students through education to career confidence

How It Works

Replace traditional career assessment for the modern student

Guide Students to Purpose & Meaning

Students Complete an Academic and Career Survey. A revolutionary approach to traditional career assessments, PathwayU’s proprietary science holds two patents for guiding students to find purpose and meaning in their education to career journey. Students begin with four surveys, answering questions about their Interests, Values, Personality, and Workplace preferences. Only 20 minutes to complete, the self-discovery process can take place in class or on a student’s own initiative – just once or year after year.

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Get Research-backed Career Results

Career Matches. Combining the well-regarded HEXACO framework and Holland’s RIASEC Theory of Vocational types, along with PathwayU’s unique predictive analytics, the technology gives students reliable, valid career results that predict how different vocational paths will best fit them. Each student’s result is highly personal and based on matches between their individual attributes and the characteristics of particular career paths. 

Path Exploration. Instead of labeling students like traditional career assessments, PathwayU guides students as they explore recommended career paths and learn about the responsibilities, knowledge, education, skills, and abilities needed to be successful in them. Day-in-the-life and salary information is also included. 

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Align Career Paths to Academics

Help Students with Undeclared Majors & Make Academic Advising More Effective. PathwayU maps its assessment results to an institution’s available majors, showing both students and advisors which of the school’s courses align with a student’s career recommendations. Equipped with customized explanations of their results, students can arrive at their advising meeting better prepared with questions to guide their course and program decision making. 

And if plans change or alumni need support, PathwayU can be revisited by any learner, anytime, for life. 

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Empower Advisors for Next-level Guidance

Personalized, Equitable, Scalable Support. PathwayU provides staff with each student’s personalized assessment PLUS guidance on how to apply their results to educational pathways. Promoting empirically-supported feedback and unbiased career assessments, PathwayU makes advising meetings more meaningful and career services operationally efficient.

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Partner Results

Student satisfaction, confidence, and retention


of Greenville University students recommend PathwayU


of Calvin College students say PathwayU helped them choose areas of study or reaffirmed their program choice


increase in new student retention at Montgomery County Community College

Get Started

Recognized for innovation & ease of implementation

With four easy steps, PathwayU’s award-winning technology can be implemented on campus within days. There’s no need to connect to a school’s LMS and no need for a student's academic records

  1. We build and configure your site with your school’s colors, logo, and brand identity. 
  2. We give you marketing promotional materials to use to promote the tool to your students, including digital assets to help drive user adoption.
  3. You have access to a knowledge base so staff can read up on student survey results and reporting. 
  4. Ongoing support for staff and students is provided through embedded resources and chat support.
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Scale Advising Services

Features to help universities serve every student


Factors Interests, Skills, Personality exploration, Values, and Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP) in the assessment


Can connect to job boards like Indeed and Handshake


ADA compliant


iOS and Android compatible


Removes bias from career assessments

Maps to Majors

Students filter by program or profession as may explore


Includes Military Crosswalk search


Allows counselors and support staff to review career assessments and matches

Insights into Earnings

Provides area-specific labor market data, sourced from ONET

Custom Branded

Customized with each school’s logo and branding elements

Easy to Use

Designed to be a self-paced user interface with simple navigation and in-depth results students can understand

Universities Using PathwayU by PeopleGrove

100+ U.S. colleges and universities

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