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Support for Campus Initiatives

As higher education faces some of their biggest challenges today, PeopleGrove is a partner in impacting student and alumni engagement. Offering solutions that make initiatives in strategic plans a reality, we help university leadership facilitate change across entire campuses and bring resiliency to their institutions.

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Managing the Enrollment Cliff

Driving Enrollment Funnels & A Sense of Belonging

Nationally, 25% of students feel uncertain about what they want to study and their future careers. PeopleGrove helps schools make a great impression with prospective students -- traditional, non-traditional, or any combination. We also help schools build confidence among applicants, parents, and currently enrolled students that they’ve found the right place for them, their studies, and their post graduation careers.

Prospective students using PeopleGrove are 323% more likely to yield than those who are not.

71% increase in new student retention seen with PeopleGrove

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The Science of Students Finding their Purpose

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Fiscal Sustainability

Bolstering Alumni Satisfaction & Donor Pipeline

Over the last decade, 70% of colleges and universities have experienced a decline in donor counts, and since the pandemic, 80% remain down on donors. To help build a funnel of continuous engagement, PeopleGrove offers alumni the benefits they ask for the most: career support, better networking, and volunteer opportunities – which increases financial giving.

Alumni using PeopleGrove are 340% more likely to give than the average alumni.

58% of PeopleGrove users find their network to be helpful or very helpful, compared to only 9% of alumni nationally.

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Uncovering -- and Providing Value for Alumni

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Alumni Career Support Drives Philanthropy

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Simply graduating students with degrees and knowledge is not enough. We need to connect them to opportunity and to one another and to people who can open doors for them.
Dr. Farouk Dey, speaking at a PeopleGrove Innovators event
Vice Provost for Integrative Learning and Life Design
Johns Hopkins University

ROI of a College Degree

Shaping Student Perceptions, Pipelines, and Mental Health

Only 34% of students nationally believe they will graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the job market. Yet a good job after graduation is the number one reason students enroll. When students can’t connect classroom learning to life after college, they fail to persist, their mental health suffers, and retention declines. In a world where students are questioning the value of a college degree, PeopleGrove is helping universities connect their students to meaningful experiential learning opportunities, career outcomes, and a return on their educational investment.

72% of students using PeopleGrove are confident in their ability to be successful in the job market, compared to only 34% nationally

First generation students 2.4x agreed PeopleGrove got them a good job

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Scale Student Success through High-Impact Practices

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Build Student Confidence through Career Access

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This to me is a really important organizing philosophy. As you think about how we are doing as an institution in brokering and building our student networks...not everything has to be a mentor capital relationship to be valuable to your students. It can be an array of relationships that students are accessing to serve different purposes and open different doors in their lives.
Julia Freeland Fisher, speaking at a PeopleGrove Innovators event
Director of Education at the Clayton Christensen Institute