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We help colleges ensure students and alumni succeed before, during, and after school.

Our new online platform resulted in increasing the number of requests by students to meet with alumni volunteers by 75% in comparison to the prior year.

The Challenge

You’re supporting more students and alumni than ever before. At the same time your students' needs and backgrounds are increasingly diverse and complex, you have limited data and information to help you manage, and you have bounded resources.

Our Solution

With PeopleGrove, you’ll provide personalized support - at scale - and set students and alumni up for success in enrollment, school, career, and as alumni by leveraging your greatest asset - your community.

Build a community

These days, social networks are everywhere yet many of our connections are becoming weaker, not stronger. With PeopleGrove, you can create an intimate environment for your community. The result? Students can build a powerful personalized success team in weeks.

Offer personalized support

Your students and grads bring with them a unique background, set of skills, and complex needs. With our platform, universities can provide personalized support by enabling deep relationships between students, alumni, staff, peers, professors, and more.

Drive improvements with data

Community and connection open doors to opportunity and levels the playing field for all students and alumni. Now, you can see exactly how students and alumni are advancing by measuring their engagement and progress with real-time analytics and reports.

How it works

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Sync data, leverage LinkedIn, and launch

Every community is unique and different. We work closely with you to define your goals, create a tailored marketing plan, and then successfully bring your community online.

Transform lives, grow careers.

English majors, high school students, career transitioners, new grads, and more share their stories.

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