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Increase Student Retention & Persistence to Graduation

A student services platform to retain students and improve persistence

Get more students engaged with the support services that drive retention

PeopleGrove transforms the way colleges and universities support their students, replacing silos across academic and student affairs with one central – and truly scalable – solution for showcasing student benefits. From academic and mental health to co-curricular activities and High-Impact Practices, all the existing, retention-driving support an institution offers is easier for students to navigate, use, and benefit from with PeopleGrove.

Student Retention Results

42% increase in 4-year graduation rates

among students participating in experiential learning

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Remove Barriers to Persistence

Connect the classroom to career and student outcomes

If students need academic mentoring, mental health support, or career advising, too often they don’t engage with existing resources their school offers – or don’t even know where to find them. And when students can’t engage with internships or other experiential learning opportunities (as many underserved populations struggle to do), confidence, student outcomes, and retention decline. For all students, traditional, non-traditional, and adult, PeopleGrove improves access to the resources and opportunities that enhance the academic experience.

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Universities Using PeopleGrove

650+ institutions trust our solutions

Centralized Student Services Platform

Amplify engagement with the student benefits that improve student success

Connect At-Risk Students to Resources

Whether for regular intervals or high-risk moments, PeopleGrove makes it easier for students to connect with academic, career, athletic, and mental health advisors in-person or online.

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Enhance the Academic Experience with Experiential Learning

With PeopleGrove, institutions ensure every student gains not just the knowledge but the real-world skills and competencies needed for life after graduation. 

  • Foster experiential learning by connecting faculty with companies, nonprofits, and a scalable process to inject real-world opportunities into classroom projects 
  • Improve fidelity of High-Impact Practice implementation, measurement, and student access to internships, capstone courses, study abroad, and more
  • Provide each student with a co-curricular transcript

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Foster Students’ Feeling of “Fit”

With PeopleGrove, the student journey begins with a scientific career survey that aligns degree programs to purpose, validating students are in the right place, at the right school.

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Improve Student Persistence & Career Confidence

To maintain persistence and alignment to their path, students use PeopleGrove’s dynamic career exploration tools for personalized guidance. And to create meaningful relationships, personalized matching, powered by AI, pairs students with peer-to-peer mentors who can help with academic performance or networking and social capital.

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Results with PeopleGrove

Influence student success


increase in retention after using PeopleGrove's scientific career survey


improvement in persistence is seen after peer mentoring


of students using PeopleGrove say they’re confident in their ability to be successful in the job market, compared to only 34% nationally

Student Success Solution Features

Highly Curated Communities

Tailor communications to different groups based on their course registration or community affiliation (clubs, Greek, transfers, first gen populations)

Event Management & Promotion

Co-curricular, curricular, career, and more, the platform’s a powerful way to promote any event to audiences large or small

Dedicated Customer Success Support

With regularly scheduled check ins and support on demand, our consultants ensure schools leverage all the features they’ve invested in


Student data is safeguarded

Peer-to-peer Mentoring

Help others helps students with academics and professional networking

Co-curricular Transcript

Provide every student with a co-curricular transcript by scaling High-Impact Practices

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