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About PeopleGrove

We're a transformational company made up of passionate people who are guided by a bigger purpose. And we’re on our way to change the world.


to bring a Career Access Platform™ to higher ed


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Higher Education's First Career Access Platform™

We want to reinvent the wheel.

PeopleGrove set out to build the most helpful network ever created because we believe career fulfillment is a right every single person should have. To date, we've helped millions of learners on their career journeys.

Our vision

To help every learner successfully navigate to their next professional step in life.

Our mission

To ensure every learner has access to the people and networks needed to succeed.

Ambition Required

No one is meant to stay where they are, not even us

PeopleGrove founders first meet in 2012

Adam Saven and Reilly Davis were office mates in a technology company.

Adam and Reilly work a side project in 2014 while at Google

Their side hustle focused on assisting professionals find meaningful careers.

PeopleGrove acquires first 10 large university customers

Including Stanford University, USC, Michigan, Kansas and Penn State.

Raises $1.7M in a Seed Round and $4.7M in Series A

All while reaching $3M in revenue with 30 employees.

PeopleGrove’s app launched

It earned recognition and landed at #113 on the Inc. 5000 List.

Hosted second annual Innovators Conference

This event brought together university leaders from around the nation.

The founders are recognized by Forbes

Both Saven & Davis find themselves in Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30.

From Mountain View to San Francisco to Home

Though the company moved to a larger office in SF, they went remote during Covid-19.

Partnerships with uConnect and GiveCampus

PeopleGrove continues bridging the gap between education and fulfilling careers.

PeopleGrove expands to 100+ global team members

The company hosted their first in-person team events since the pandemic.

Updated values and company mentality

PeopleGrove rewrote their vision and shifted focus to impact more learners.

The Riverside Company Investment

PeopleGrove looks to the future with Riverside as a leadership partner.

PeopleGrove refreshed their brand

Our website and brand are revamped to match our learner first approach.

On the horizon

The Super Mentors book is in the works as is the in-person return of the Innovators conference.

We move as a team

Lovingly built by over 100 dedicated people working from 4 countries and 67 cities around the world.

4 countries

67 cities

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What we stand for

All of our interactions come back to these core values. They keep us moving forward together.

Learners first

Learning is lifelong. Learners seek knowledge to get to the next step in life. We deliver value to learners throughout the different stages of life’s journey. When we do right by learners, all else follows. We seek partners who put learners first.

Be ambitious

Are we solving the big problem or building a better mousetrap? We imagine what can be. We believe constraints are temporary because if there’s a will, there’s a way. We embrace ambiguity, forge ahead, and favor action over perfection.

Challenge assumptions

We don’t have all of the answers. We challenge ourselves to close the gap between our assumptions and reality. We ask the hard questions because we care (and want to win).

People, connected

Our company is not here to replace people— it’s here to connect them. Our people enable us to achieve our ambitions. To fulfill our vision to support every learner, our people must reflect the world around us and the world we aim to create.

Win or lose learn

We play to win (in the sprint and the marathon). We win as a team; we learn as a team. We’re not afraid to disagree or offer fearless feedback in order to win. We assume positive intent.

For the curious

PeopleGrove encourages employees to challenge themselves, their teammates, universities, and organizations to change the world.

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Building a community that celebrates progress, big ideas, and reinvention

Adam Saven

Co-Founder and CEO

Reilly Davis

Co-Founder and CTO

Nitin Hayaran

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Bryan Landaburu

Chief Marketing Officer

Nikesh Hayaran

Vice President, Engineering

Aaron Knox

Chief Sales Officer

Jennifer Albrecht

Vice President of Customer Success

Chris Freire

Vice President of Experiential Learning

Ela Provost

Director of Product Management

Matt Kelly

Director, Strategic Marketing & Communications

Keesa Sung

Director, Product Marketing

Autumn d'Adesky

Brand Creative Director

Jenifer Luton

Senior Director, Customer Success Management

Melissa Boyle

Director, Customer Support

Katie Jouthas

Director of People and Culture

Blake Kendrick

Director of Revenue Operations

Advancing the success of learners together

PeopleGrove has attracted significant support from The Riverside Company for its next chapter. Riverside offers a history of helping mission-driven education companies grow to the next level, such as ModernCampus and n2y. We’re excited for this opportunity to further expand PeopleGrove’s reach and transform learners’ journeys.

Join us on our journey.

Together, we can improve career access for all.