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Higher education’s first Career Access Platform™

PeopleGrove is the bridge between education and the working world, effectively building the social capital learners need to succeed.

Leanne Roberts

Technology Investor


Career Confidence for All

Where learners connect college to career

Free to Try, Pivot, & Try Again

Career curiosity starts here

PeopleGrove gives every student and alumni an opportunity to find a career that makes them happy. Thanks to a supportive community and experiential learning, learners feel more certain they’re making the right decisions about their major and/or career.

Embrace the Twists & Turns

There's no one right path

Learners are looking for clear advice, affirmation of their educational investment and encouragement that they’re moving in the right direction. PeopleGrove provides tools for learners to discover what they like and don’t like about different careers. The best part? Being able to explore options, prototype easily, and get support during every step.

Build Social Capital

Others can light the way

It can be scary to reach out to someone for the first time or explore a career change. PeopleGrove understands that and guides learners towards others who are not just able, but incredibly willing to help them in the next chapter of their professional life.

Hear Firsthand Experiences

Share, and take in the view

Accomplished alumni have much to share. Their opinions, expertise, and a helping hand go a long way — and it’s all so easy to give with PeopleGrove.

Meeting Learners Where They Are

Fulfillment is a constant journey

Learning is lifelong – and many will come to points of career recalibration, big or small. PeopleGrove helps learners find career fulfillment at any stage.


Words from The Grove

“The breakdown of a job is top tier! Suggesting YouTube videos and people to communicate with is honestly so amazing. This is by far one of the most useful websites I have ever used when looking to understand different career paths and how to successfully get somewhere."

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