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Give learners greater access to opportunities with a Career Access Platform™ that allows them to engage with peers and alumni and try careers while gaining real world experience.

Enrollment & Admissionns

Student Support

Alumni & Advancement

Career Success

Connect Classroom to Career

PeopleGrove's Career Access Platform™ helps schools deliver continuous career support in innovative ways to their students and alumni.

Lifelong Support & Giving

When alumni feel supported beyond commencement, they are more likely to give back to their alma mater. Make it easy for them to do so.

Career Navigation

PeopleGrove provides students and alumni with the needed tools to bridge the gap between college pathways and career success.

Yield & Persistence

Many factors influence college enrollment. Get ahead of the game with features that bring prospects, current students, and alumni together.

What Students & Alumni Want

Expectations have changed

And so should university strategy. Learners expect a college degree should result in more than a good education; it should mean a great career – after graduation and for years to come. PeopleGrove's Career Access Platform™ helps universities provide just that.

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Career Success

Navigate careers with confidence

Every student wants a good job after graduation. A strong network of peers, alumni, and faculty members make this possible by building career confidence and opening doors to opportunities.

Regardless of their prior experience with networking and mentorship, learners can increase their social capital.

Encouragement to explore new career pathways helps students unlock their potential.

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Alumni & Advancement

Lifelong support & giving back

Research shows alumni want the chance to mentor others. PeopleGrove makes this simple: connect students and other alumni based on interests, location, majors, and more.

Mentorship Programs offer alumni the chance to give back.

Alumni build stronger senses of community and lifelong affinity.

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Student Support

Connect classroom to career

Career paths aren’t linear. Universities can prepare students to be career ready, regardless of the twists and turns, through relationship-rich and work-integrated experiences.

Support students when it comes to deciding a major, finding a career path, and more.

Provide learners with experiential learning opportunities to work on High-Impact Practices that bridge the gap between their education and the working world.

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Enrollment & Admissions

Increase yield & persistence

Attract and retain more students by consolidating recruitment, yield, and melt programming into a single, learner-first platform. Leverage your community of current students, alumni, and faculty to create a unique, welcoming experience for prospective students.

Boost yield by helping students build their new network before the fall.

Ensure every student succeeds by giving them the tools to discover their academic and career path.

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Universities Using PeopleGrove

A smarter platform for higher education

Resources for universities

View resources that support universities in a learner first approach.

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Be smarter about career access

Demo how PeopleGrove helps universities connect college to career.