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Calvin University: Driving Students to Find Purposeful Careers

Learn how Calvin University is using PathwayU by PeopleGrove to help their students find and build careers that are purposeful to them.


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The Business Department at Calvin University was looking for an assessment to help enhance students’ self-understanding within a business course. PathwayU by PeopleGrove offers this type of assessment while extending the reach of traditional career development services with the use of online tools. PathwayU by PeopleGrove supports the existing services provided within the college, and within the business program in particular, was especially desirable. Evaluation of success would hinge upon usability, user experience, value to the end user, affordability and ease of implementation.


PathwayU by PeopleGrove fosters student success and helps job-seekers build satisfying and purposeful careers. The online platform complements the services that faculty, academic counselors, career services centers, and alumni career path programs offer. When provided as an overlay to the services that is already delivered, PathwayU extends the institution's reach and helps to serve a broader array of students and alumni by offering 24-hour access to assessments, tools and support that they can use on their own or with the help of an available service provider.

The scores, feedback, and job matches reaffirmed the career decision that I had made. I used the PathwayU tools to compare the characteristics of the career I am looking to get into to what the assessments told me my strengths were and found a favorable match-up.
Calvin University


PathwayU by PeopleGrove student surveys revealed that 58% of respondents reported that the information provided by their PathwayU assessment reports were “mostly helpful” (46%) or “extremely helpful” (12%) as they explore their career options. Over 90% of Calvin College students indicated that the assessment results either supported their understanding of themselves or offered new insights that they found helpful and valuable. Several students commented that PathwayU by PeopleGrove assessments compared favorably to other assessments that they had taken in the past. According to participants’ comments, PathwayU career assessment results were easy to understand and provided accurate suggestions of job matches. Students mentioned that the workplace preferences assessment was new to them and the results were insightful, helping them identify key aspects of particular work environments and how they would fit into them as they embarked on their careers.