Our Mission

To ensure each and every student and professional has access to a community and the connections needed to succeed.

Our Story


Adam and Reilly first met in the technology investment banking group of Credit Suisse, where they were office mates. They soon realized that they wanted to pursue a very different career path and met alumni week after week over coffee to figure out what path.

They realized how powerful mentors and their respective alumni networks had been in helping them to explore various career paths, understand the pros and cons of different roles, and ultimately succeed in getting roles at Google.

With the entrepreneurial spirit all around them, they embarked on an after-work side project focused on helping young professionals find meaningful careers. This project would eventually evolve and grow into PeopleGrove.

PeopleGrove has since grown to reimagine connection and community for today’s college students and professionals at over 250 campuses and organizations around the world.


Our Values 01.PRACTICE R‑E‑S‑P‑E‑C‑T
04. OWN IT

Practice R‑E‑S‑P‑E‑C‑T

We value diverse points of view, empathy for one another, and seeing all parts of a person (we don’t like fitting people into boxes).


Be Curious

We’re humble, have a growth mindset, and like to ask questions (Like, a lot of questions). We believe we can learn from everyone: our teammates, our partners, our end users, our favorite barista at Cafe Madeleine… And we don’t say no without understanding why.


Prioritize Impact

Focus on what matters and get s#[email protected] done. Also, we like to experiment, explore, and test ourselves. It’s okay to try and fail – as long as we learn from it.


Own It

We value self-starters who take ownership and have a strong bias towards action. If it’s broke, we fix it. We also own who we are – we’re self-aware, tuned into our strengths and weaknesses, and love giving and receiving feedback to help each other improve.


Build Transformative Experiences

We’re proudest when we facilitate discovery, change a student’s trajectory, or help others make lifelong connections. We are dedicated to enabling these experiences for all students, mentors, our partners, and members of our community.

Sound Like You?

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