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An Optimistic Look at Maintaining Community in Uncertain Times

When everyone is “virtual” and “remote” what happens to our sense of “community”? In just 7 days, the communities (family, […]

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When everyone is “virtual” and “remote” what happens to our sense of “community”?

In just 7 days, the communities (family, work, society) we all live in have been rocked with more change than they’ve had to deal with, perhaps ever. 

  • The NCAA Tournament (and basically every major sporting event), canceled. 
  • Disneyland, which has had unscheduled closures only two times since opening in 1955, closed.
  • Inbound travel from Europe to the United States, banned.
  • US Federal Income Tax filing deadline, extended for the first time ever. 
  • Entire offices and workforces shifted to WFH. 

Rather than focus on mainstream headlines that the news outlets can report separately, I’d like to bring this a bit closer to home. I would like to share why I remain optimistic about our power to overcome, love for what we do, and this team of people responsible for PeopleGrove.

Change creates opportunity.

Processing change on any magnitude is hard. As leaders, it is our responsibility to motivate and lead through uncertainty. But how do you do that, when the daily interactions we’re used to having can’t happen tomorrow? How do you focus on goals when the stressful changes hovering over us feel distressed, splintered, about to fall?

Like many companies and University partners, this week PeopleGrove closed our offices. We asked all of our employees to work from home, prohibited travel and postponed our largest event of the year, Innovators. We did this for the safety of our employees, our customers, and the broader community.

For our customers, we want to reassure you that our teams are 100% available to help you best utilize PeopleGrove services for student mentoring, alumni community and connections, virtual admissions ambassadors, and 1:1 advising. We will do everything within our power to support you, and your community. 

In periods of change, where do we turn for advice, chart the next steps of our journey? We turn to Our Communities.

Even with remote culture at the core of our business, the abrupt WFH policy has impacted our work community more than we expected. The impact on organizations that aren’t familiar with this work method is amplified. 

Nearest and dearest to us, Universities from California to New York are closing campuses, moving classes online, and canceling graduation services. A closed campus means that campus services are distressed, or worse, not available. While virtual career support, community, and connection do not replace connecting in person, it can enable you to build and maintain relationships with your students and alumni in a way that prioritizes health and safety. PeopleGrove was built for this.

Over on the PeopleGrove Customer Community, our University partners are sharing their concerns and strategies for managing [student advising, alumni communications, …]. All customers have access to this community and resources. 

Ever Forward

Watch for more helpful resources to help manage change and uncertain times ahead. Please email me with any thoughts, ideas, or concerns — we’re here to help. For example, what’s one thing PeopleGrove can help you with right now?

In the meantime, it remains our responsibility to:

  • keep our economy going.
  • keep graduates excited about the future.
  • maintain our health, optimism, and well being.
  • step outside and breathe in some fresh air. 

There are a number of things that are contagious besides COVID. Smiles, positivity, optimism, and satisfaction that comes from helping others. Let’s do this together.

We are proud to be a part of your community.