Your global network to champion change

PeopleGrove helps law schools tap into the power of their alumni network so their students get hired, prospective students enroll, and alumni feel connected.

PeopleGrove helps Law schools thrive

Convert prospects to students

Build on the momentum you created with that amazing marketing campaign and convert website visitors and potential students into enrollees. Use your best customers – successful students and alumni — to share their experiences with prospects, bringing to life the power of your network and giving prospects a space to ask questions and get the answers they need before enrolling.

Improve the student experience

Creating a place for peer mentoring and real-time chat with advisors is proven to be a game changer for students, especially distance learners. Providing human connection can increase student engagement, spur collaboration, and ensure students have the support network necessary to surmount any challenge.

Give students a competitive edge

Let’s face it – who you know matters, especially in the business world. Give your students access to the guidance and connections necessary to succeed in a competitive job market. Your powerful global alumni network is keen to help your students get an edge — just make it easy for them to do so.

Make every alum feel important

You want your alumni to feel like VIPs — but when all they receive is calls asking for money, it doesn’t seem like it. With PeopleGrove, you can offer alumni a centralized place to engage, including lifelong career advancement and opportunities to mentor students.

A Growing Imperative

Parents, students, alumni, and lawmakers expect higher-education institutions to demonstrate return on investment. Placing students in a job is not enough; we must put our students on track for a lifetime of meaningful career success and with jobs commensurate with their degrees. This is crucial to the sustainability of higher education, and PeopleGrove is here to help you achieve this – at scale.

Learn from the best – our customers

You don’t have to go it alone. Master community engagement and get the most out of your tools with PeopleGrove’s legendary customer success team and a community of thousands of mission-driven pros just like you.

Start Scaling With PeopleGrove Today

With tools to make every part of the student and alumni experience more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started has never been easier.

Put your trust in us

No university wants to worry about their sensitive data ending up in the wrong place. PeopleGrove’s data collection and storage is held to the highest security standard, and ensures that only the right people on your team have access to only the data they need. With role-based permissions and clear guidelines on data ownership, it’s easy to be sure you’re demonstrating compliance and protecting user privacy.

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