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PeopleGrove vs Hivebrite

Compare: PeopleGrove vs. Hivebrite

Solve alumni engagement and more with PeopleGrove.

What Hivebrite pitches you

When comparing platforms, Hivebrite offers the exact same stack of features you also get with PeopleGrove:

  • Networking
  • Affinity Groups
  • Custom Groups 
  • Giving Tools
  • Jobs + Opportunities
  • Communication Tools
  • Tech Stack Integrations
  • Event Management
  • Data Management
  • Content Management

But what Hivebrite doesn’t offer is where the comparison ends.

The Career Access Differentiator

Purpose Driven

A purpose driven solution, intentionally designed for Higher Education.

Classroom to Career

The only solution unifying career exploration, mentorship, job connections and high impact experiences under one roof to address the #1 reason students go to college - to get a good job.

Equal Access

Equal access to career development opportunities and mentoring students may not otherwise have.

Higher Education Expertise

PeopleGrove delivers exclusively to the needs and challenges of Higher Education. Our 8+ years of experience across 450+ institutions uniquely positions us from Hivebrite.

Strategic Plan Alignment

PeopleGrove's mission, values and products are aligned with Higher Education's strategic plans.

What PeopleGrove offers over Hivebrite

Connections plus career outcomes

  1. We give purpose to Community building and Networking.
  2. Learners have access to the knowledge (people) and skill development (in-app guidance, career paths, projects) necessary to succeed in their chosen careers. 
  3. Community is vibrant, since it is purpose (help learners get to their next professional step) and action driven (networking, mentorship).


  • Guides Students and Alumni throughout their Career Journey
  • Uses multiple user types and smart technology to personalize each user experience
  • Employs multiple mentoring methods including formal, flash and the Super Mentors framework
  • Leverages the #1 jobs are earned - who you know - with Job Connections
  • Takes an active and strategic role in ongoing adoption and engagement
  • Tailor-made for Higher Education
  • Reliable and timely Customer Support
  • US based company
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The first fully encompassing solution we've found to build university community online.
Amber G.
Strategic Initiatives Program Director

Universities Using PeopleGrove

Trusted by 450+ institutions & 20M+ users

Why Career Access Matters

Students & alumni want more career support

Let Learners Try New Things

Explore > prototype > get hired

Career journeys aren’t linear, which impacts first-year students and experienced alumni alike. Both feel supported when they can discover career options, test their interests, and obtain new opportunities. PeopleGrove is the only platform that lets a university provide all this in one place. 

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Reinventing the Job Feed

Unlock social capital

Who wants to scroll through feeds of advertisements when looking for help? PeopleGrove is the easiest way for students and alumni to get jobs, connecting learners to not just openings, but also to insider alumni who are waiting to help learners get offers. 

Unite the Entire Campus Online

Adoption + engagement + evangelization = growth

To grow your community into a thriving success, we apply the successes we’ve seen with our 450+ partners. The best part? We handle all the work within the platform, so all you have to do is evangelize on your campus and pocket the accolades.

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A Measurable Difference

Alumni Outcomes with PeopleGrove

63% of alumni

surveyed in PeopleGrove reported their alumni network has been "helpful" or "very helpful" (only 9% nationally say that)¹

2 in 3 alumni

said they would use the platform to support a future career change¹

31% of alumni

from one institution using PeopleGrove donated to their alma mater (national participation rates are only 9%)¹

The Benefits of PeopleGrove

How learners describe their experience with our Career Access Platform™

“This community helped me find people with similar interests... Their experiences and stories have inspired and motivated me to work harder in my education.”

“PeopleGrove has helped ease my anxiety about the future and what to do after graduation.”

“It was through [PeopleGrove] that I met my mentor and gained invaluable information that helped me navigate through so many career unknowns.”

Helpful for Students & Schools

Student Outcomes with PeopleGrove

70% of students

agree PeopleGrove connections made them more confident in their ability to be successful in the job market¹

1 in 3 students

said they directly received a job or internship through their connections on the platform¹

3 in 4 students

said they look forward to paying it forward & giving advice to other students in PeopleGrove¹


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  1. PeopleGrove's 2021-2022 Benchmarks Report